router problems

14 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a zyxel wireless router which is causing me some headaches.

Works 100% fine with my laptop, but having problems with the desktop pc.

I have tried setting it up both wired and wireless, and it's fine for maybe a couple of hours. Then for no reason whatsoever you won't be able to acess the internet from the pc. Laptop will still be fine though.

Have tried the ethernet cable in all 4 of the wired ports, and still the same symptoms. Also tried the wireless usb adapter in various usb ports with the same problems.

Firewalls ahve been disabled (router and windows).
Both computers on XP pro
Any ideas?
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Do you regularly empty your browser cache?

What firewall are you using?
When this happens can you ping the router?

Start> run> type CMD> then type ping (routers ip address here without the brackets)

to get the routers ip type ipconfig /all and the default gate way should be your router IP on your set up
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Does that router have a diagnostics page viewable in explorer? Have you tried to access the page?