router/modem won't let me see t'internet ?

Been offline for a couple of days - it is New Year ! :mrgreen:

As expected, I couldn't change the DNS settings on wifes laptop without an administrator password so went for Astra99's suggestion: -

set the DNS addresses in the router to and

Reset router as above (all the lights were green) and PC DNS to auto, but was back to the usual - Ping 209.85...OK - but nothing else, (wifes laptop couldn't get any internet pages either).

Decided to follow Igorian's earlier suggestion - No, I didn't bin the Belkin (came close)- I installed the firmware Beta update and did a hard reset.

Result !!! :eek:

All internet pages are working on both PC and laptop. I have even re-booted everything a couple of times to check and still OK. Router is using same DNS as I posted ^^^^ but is working :cool:

Next step will be to disconnect the ethernet cable from the PC and move the router nearer the main phone-socket (at the other end of the house) for best performance. The PC does have a WiFi connection which has worked with laptops in the past (but can't be used with wife's work-laptop).

If I have any further problems I know where to find the help.
Many thanks and a Very Happy New Year :D
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Thanks letmedoit, for coming back and letting us know you are now up and running, and how it was achieved. Regrettably, all too often, solutions are offered, and that is the last anyone hears. Your solution could be useful to many people in the future.
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