Is my so-called wired network card wireless capable?

Ok, I'll add a bit for what its worth.
If it were me, I'd cable it if poss, if not, I'd go for a pci card over a usb adapter.
I like the idea behind the mains device, but had a quick look and transfer rates seem pretty slow, and I should imagine latency is an issue there as well, so, it depends on what you are likely to be actually using the connection for, if you are simply browsing, checkng mail and such then I dont suppose it matters, on the other hand if you were transferring a lot of files accross from another pc, or did a lot of online gaming then I'd consider more carefully which option - but I suppose like most things in life - you get what you pay for, a £50 belkin "set" wont perform like say a draytek.

Softus, what sort of transfer (sustained) do you get from these ere mains devices?
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