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26 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom

For this "Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32 bit OEM, FQC-05919, English Version" Amazon says:-

"......OEM software is intended for system builders and small OEMs
It is not intended for purchase or installation by consumers......."

Can I install it on my new HD (already I installedXP) after formating? or will I be better buying this:-

"...Windows 8 Pro, UPGRADE Edition...."

Home build, Asus P5K Premium WiFiiFi Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 95W 2.4GHz, 2x2GB, 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 800, EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX KO 512MB GDDR3 (PCI-E).
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1. why get 32bit, you have a 64bit capable computer, 32bit will not use your full 4gb memory but only about 3.5gb?

2. Windows OEM is basically windows without all the documentation, and no technical support, it is also licensed to the first motherboard you install (they will give you a new key if you buy a replacement motherboard that is not a blatant upgrade, but a replacement for a faulty one), you should see no difference in installing it.

3. The upgrade edition will have the ability to do a clean install over XP (it needs to see XP installed). XP is 32bit, I'm not sure if the upgrade will allow you to install 64 bit?

4. Windows 8 has been designed with touch screen computers in mind, you might prefer windows 7, though you can fudge about to turn off the the features on windows 8 that just don't work very well on a non-touchscreen.

I installed Win8 Pro & strugling to get to grips with it. Seems that I keep chasing my tail to accomplish the simplest tasks.

I can not find a way to multytask.

Very kindly somebody gave me a lot of clues & instrauctions like the MS Shortcuts etc.

Of the 2 attached below, the first is of my IE10 in Win8 & the second one of IE in XP.

I am very surprised & disilusioned when comparing the XP one(many years old & so flexible with its Favourites, scrolling, toolbars etc), to one in WIN8 (presumably the latest technology) being so unyealding & premitive.

If you anyone is using IE10 please check if mine looks the same as yours & tell me.
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Well I can't help to much, and not to be mean I did say you might prefer windows 7, it's much like XP though has some nice improvements.

The problem with windows 8 as mentioned is that it is designed for touch-screen computers, hence why the metro "toolbar" has such large icons and few extra options, I would recommend googling for various "make windows 8 look like 7 guides".

You are "missing" your toolbar on IE10, this thread may help

I don't use IE, I use fire fox, on that you can right-click on the toolbar and customize the layout, i assume IE is the same. Once you have the tool-bar re-enabled you should be able to right-click on it and customize it to your preference.
Whiff of gun-smoke and sore feet? Bitter experience has taught me NEVER to install a new Operating System (except on a test-bed machine) until Service Pack One is released! I remember the original retail release of XP was about as stable as a jelly in a thunderstorm! I am sure Micro$oft use Joe Public as "gamma-testers"
In this case astra there isn't really anything wrong with windows 8, it's just that it's been fundamentally designed for touch-screen PC's, and that means a completely different user interface.

you can fudge around with it to make it work like windows 7, and that's what the OP needs to do.

Thank you, somebody persuaded me to accept the second (Advanced) option of the install which let me choose a partition & now Win8 is installed.
I hope you don't mind my jumping in on this thread, but we have just bought a new laptop (for my wife) which runs Windows 8.

We don't like it one little bit! Shades of Vista!

Perhaps it is an improvement in some ways - some reviews say it is faster than Windows 7 - but not only is it completely different to use, it also cannot do things that Windows 7 could (such as playing DVDs, for god's sake!), short of downloading separate bits of software that can make up the deficiencies.

Microsoft are obviously trying to make a new OS that is good for both computers and smart phones. Perhaps this could be possible, but why remove things that used to be there and that people may still wish to use.

Why couldn't they include all the options that are available from independent software providers? Many people, I'm sure, would like the (apparent) advantages of Windows 8, but with the familiar interfaces. Would this be too difficult to do? A button marked 'Make Windows 8 look like Windows 7'!

One thing's certain. When it comes time for me to replace my computer, it won't be for one running Windows 8. I fell for that some time ago when I bought one running Vista. I'll either wait for a better version of Windows or resort to Linux.
Thanks Empip. My wife found that very useful.

Me? I'll stick to Windows 7. In my opinion the best yet.
Personally I'd not post that much personal info up, email address - Amazon order nos etc.
Nichos - are you after more spam etc?
Personally I'd not post that much personal info up, email address - Amazon order nos etc.
Nichos - are you after more spam etc?

He's right Nichos. I suggest you (or if you're not here any more, a Mod) remove those images toot sweet!
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