Wiring a PA to a Honeywell Galaxy 3-144c

4 Jun 2012
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi All

I want to wire a panic alarm and an AG6 external sounder to my honeywell galaxy 3-144c alarm.

I have read through lots of the instruction booklet but cant find any guide on how to do it, book can be found here : http://www.dvisystems.co.uk/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/galaxy_g3_installation_manual.pdf

PCB layout is about pg14.

And PA i have bought is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29775004@N05/4840862685/

I wired one wire to one of the grubs in center and back to zone 5 and then the other grub back to the contact between the zones labelled "0V", then programmed the keypad to enable zone 5 as PA but it didnt work ??

any help is much appreciated !!


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"Grubs" not sure what you mean there?
You did use the 1k/1k resistors?
You have a G3-144, big house?
Sorry just meant the two middle screws shown in the pic of the PA.

yes have a G3-144 main control box

dont know what you mean "You did use the 1k/1k resistors?" ?
Sorry just meant the two middle screws shown in the pic of the PA.

yes have a G3-144 main control box

dont know what you mean "You did use the 1k/1k resistors?" ?
Not looked at the Zone Wiring on page 2-15 then?

Not got any resistors?

Good luck with the programming.
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A i see

So there is already a 1K resistor on the PA but i need to connect one on the return line.

making the 2K to 1K or 1K to 2K transition ?
1k closed 2k in alarm, then if you want anti mask add a 12k in series.
Then it gets harder, it is my favourite panel. Not a toy as some think.
Got to the links yet?

PS the return line is the circuit, and you need both resistors ( and the 3rd if masking). So its a bit more than a standard panel.
Thanks workers,

Will have to get some resistors, looking at the pcb diagram there is a manufacturers loop between "aux tamp" and "Gnd" could I not just wire the PA into there ? Then when the button is pressed it breaks the circuit causes a a tamper and sets off the alarm ?

Thanks !
You could, but you would be wasting a damn good panel.
If your having difficulties buy a panic button from here for the Galaxy, http://www.elmdene.co.uk/Panic-Buttons.html

Then go to programmes, option 52, option 1 then 13 for PA. Then add the descriptor, which is zone option 2. Use that for all PA type zones as if you use the SMS feature (Assuming it is a G3-144C) then it will tell you what it is rather than a tamper.
Thank you workers for your time and patience with me.

That's brill, ill get one of those from Elmdene, i like the fact the resistors are already in the unit, i presume as long as i get the unit for the Galaxy it will be ready to connect and follow the programming as you have said ?

Thanks again

Thanks workers

Could you also advise on the connections on the board of the AG6 external sounder I've bought,

The sounder has the following connections:


Where do they correspond to on the board ?


why do you want to connect it direct to the external siren??

just connect the HUD (PA Button) to the end sstaion then program the system
parameters for that zone as PA Audible.
all done! (ensure that you have one with fitted resistors, or one that has them built in as well)

it means that the HUD will be monitored (the panel `looks` for the device fitted) and then the set up will be as it should be!

V+ - 12+VDC
V- - Gnd/12-VDC
SW- - RIO 0 1 Programmed as Strobe.
R- - AUX Tamper
ST- - RIO 0 2 programmed as bells with a link on common to 12+VDC

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