Woodfloor - Threshold fitting problem

27 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
As a DIYer I am currently going through the planning stages of floating solid oak flooring 15mm thick (on a concrete floor). The ‘gold’ DPM underlay is 5mm thick. Total layer thickness of 20mm.
I purchased seven readily available threshold bars capable of accommodating differing heights on either side and intended to use adhesive to secure these to the floor. My dummy run prior to cutting, laying etc shows that these thresholds are 21mm in total height (or thickness) and the rebate height (under the T section to bottom) is only 15mm.
Clearly I have a problem as these bars will not reach the floor being “too short” by around at least 5mm!
My overall thickness cannot be unique (the permutations of varying thicknesses must be considerable) so the problem has surely had to be faced by other installers.
So, how is this problem overcome? Are thresholds sold in a range of “under-T” heights or do those “who know” use a proven technique to over-come it?
Out of interest do thresholds also come in varying widths (across the “T”) so that the expansion gap is adequately covered? I have to leave a 12mm expansion gap and the half “T” measures around 15mm (not much room for error!). Elsewhere new 18mm thick skirting boards have already been bought.
I have the same problem with regard to the height of the end bars (flat one sided/half “T” section) that will surround i) the door mat and ii) butt the boards against the overall width of the Upvc front door frame.
Any help would be appreciated as I am now at a stop in mid-flight (so to speak) and the wife wants to know when I am going to start “putting wood ont’ floor”!
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The Floating floor itself should have a full range of profiles to suit the floor available. Many floors are different thicknesses etc, so you need to find profiles that fit your particular floor/expansion.

Many profiles have a channel that you clip the profile into, these are usually engineered so that within a tolernce, a range of heights are accomodated.
Thanks for the advice Cazydaze.
I agree there should (surely?) be appropriate depth edging and since your response I have scoured the internet again but can find none more than the 15mm deep rebate. My floor supplier doesn't!
So will resort to build up the height difference with wbp ply and will use Evostick's "Sticks Like" waterproof adhesive. (Their technical department btw were extremely helpful and guided me away from the process and products I thought might be appropriate
Will report back when finished for the benefit of those who follow and who have a similar problem.
Wood floor thresholds are available with rebates of up to 20mm and any good wood floor shop or fitter should have these.
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Thanks for your response Flooringman.
I really have spent a lot of time on the internet trying to locate thresholds to this spec but to no avail. So, to receive confirmation they are available, is re-assuring. If only I could find them . . . .
Would you be able to offer any links please?
Crazydaze - Murphey's Law at work!
Having posted the above response I logged in to Google again but used different search questions - and found leads which I shall now follow up.
So thanks for your input which prompted me to try again . . .

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