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Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by gtechtwo, 8 Nov 2021.

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    I recently replaced our aged Combi with the Worcester Bosch 30i. At the same time I decided to put the TADO into the system, with Tado TRV's on all radiators but the hall rad.

    Tado is controlling all the Rads as expected, I just need to tweak the schedule to stop them coming on full heat in the middle of the night.

    The problem seems to be with the hall rad, which does not have a TRV - Plumber said I need to leave one rad without TRV.

    In the Hall we have the Tado Wireless Temp Sensor, but it doesn't seem to control the heating in the hall. For example, I have it set for 22.5, its clearly hotter than that in the hall, and rads are so hot you cannot really touch them.

    The system reports that the Wireless Temp Sensor is working:


    In an ideal scenario I would have had a TRV on this rad to control it.

    Any help or advice would be very much welcomed.

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    The set up is correct. You can't have two devices both trying to control the heating in the same room. The TRV would interfere with the operation of the Tado and stop it working properly. The problem seems to be with the the Tado or its set up.

    If the Tado is set to 22.5 and is located in the hall, the temperature in the hall should not exceed that, and the Tado should turn the heating off to stop that happening.

    You mention how hot the radiators are, but the temperature of the radiators is not controlled by the Tado, that's a function of the boiler thermostat. The Tado controls the room temperature, not the radiator temperature.

    There is the possibility that the Tado is turning the heating off but because the radiator is so hot it takes some time to cool down and as a result overheats the room. If that's the case try lowering the boiler thermostat so that the radiators are cooler.

    If the Tado is not working correctly, you should get the installer back to rectify it.
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