WOW, How many would have taken it?

Perhaps the fellow should have kept the money- then in an act of philanthropy he could buy certain members here banjo lessons.

BTW doesn't the sixth finger get in the way???

tolerance is clearly a oneway street where you come from :rolleyes:
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Not quite...

You are cross threading btw.

If you are a bigot (which you may or not may be) then so be it- I find it difficult to defend your right to be, but by the same token I am "glad" that you have that right.

I am, from time to time, guilty of stereotyping based upon nationality but I am willing to question my stereotypes as and when the need arises.

Anyone that suggests that all people from a given country are thieves is a tad thick.

If you want to believe that everyone from Pakistan is dodgy then so be it.
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