zafira c auto electrics service charging system

2 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
hi guys girls

i need some guidance, my zafira tourer on a 15 plate broke down after the battery warning light came on, (over 90 % of breakdowns are battery related) replaced battery.

light illuminated and service charging system on central information.

recovered and alternator replaced. battery light was still illuminated garage says it will go off when charged as new battery had gone flat aswell.

bought charger charged old battery and took new one of as symptoms remained.
ive cleaned up wiring battery cradle and found 3 wires on the charging system missing
cleaned up and replaced with little nuts. warning light still on charging at 14.6+ volts and battery 12+ volts, service charging system still displayed.
wiring to battery craddle loose connections and cleaned up, however im not sure if they are correctly located in correct slots as as all these problems started together and indicate a wire may be missing from the connector craddle although wire to harness all seem present so is there meant to be a vacant slot.

new battery from halfords same results, so the battery hasnt failed.

fan belt not replaced as it doesnt sound like its slipping or anything but not out ruled.

any experienced auto electricians advise welcome
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oh yes i forgot its the 2.0 cdti sri a20dt engine
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