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Zanussi zbb27650SA - freezer not cold enough

Discussion in 'Appliances' started by funkyd, 14 Jun 2021.

  1. funkyd


    2 Sep 2006
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    United Kingdom
    Hi - I have a Zanussi zbb27650SA split fridge/freezer.

    The fridge is fine but the freezer is not getting cold enough. This started with the LED warning symbol and alarm coming on and showing a high temp of 2 degrees.

    I've removed the draws from the freezer and the fan at the top was spinning so I removed the panels inside the back of the freezer. I can see that the top of the cooling fins is all clear and where some copper pipes connect to this cooling fin unit, they are cold. One was iced up so I removed the ice with a warm cloth.

    I can't see any ice among the fins although it is hard to tell as they are wrapped on polystyrene.

    The compressor is running and I've put it on a fast freeze but the air flowing isn't that cold. I used a thermometer and it seems to be at about 0.7 degrees.

    I had this before on another freezer and it was ice behind the removable panels but there isn't any obvious sign of any here.

    My thought is a faulty temperature sensor or the compressor - neither make sense though as the fridge is fine regarding the compressor and the fact the fan is running and the compressor makes me thing the sensor is ok.

    I don't know if there are two compressors and maybe it's the fridge one I can hear running?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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