Zanussi ZI918/8K Fridge Freezer too cold

28 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I have a Zanussi ZI918/8K Fridge-Freezer about 10 years old. The problem is that it seems to be running continuously and too cold in fridge and freezer both building up ice along the back wall.

Spoke to one of Engineers who suggested it is the thermostat which must have gone. I have now replaced the thermostat with genuine Zanussi one for this fridge-freezer but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. The new thermostat is set to around 2 and a half.

The freezer is very cold and the fridge is very cold too building ice on the back wall. I would have expected the compressor to be switched off every few hours but it doesn't seem to be the case. I have also got high electricity bill for last quarter and thinking the fridge might be the culprit (as everything else is energy saving stuff in the house).

Looking forward to your help guys. Thanks in advance.
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Are you sure? Can it be really low on gas if its still making the fridge and freezer really cold (infact extra cold) and that too in quick time?
Yes I'm sure. The gas will make it colder and the rear wall of the fridge could well be spongy, it won't last much longer it will just defrost and that's it.
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Ok is this a cheap fix or expensive? Basically is it worth getting it fixed looking at the cost / age of the appliance?
100 plus. Not worth it as its 10 years old.
And is there any workaround or way to keep using it for a while till I get the new one?

I don't want it to keep running all the time and costing me money plus building all that ice...
No. Just use it till it goes. It will cost leccy thou.
Try turning it down that might help and shut the comp off
Sorry I am not being clear here. I meant is there a way we can physically adjust the thermostat device itself so it cuts off and on the compressor at slightly higher temp?
Again checked this morning and the fridge and freezer are really really cold. Just thinking how can it be so cold if the gas is on the low. Sorry to be asking again, but are u sure this is not a thermostat or evaporator or where they meet fault?

Is there any easy way of accessing the evaporator to see what's happening?
No way of check that. It's defo low on gas you had the stat changed. It may last weeks or days.
Ok thanks mate... lets hope for the best then!

On another note, do you know how big a job is it to get the integrated fridge freezer replaced i.e. taking the old one out and putting the new one in.

It's a pain its integrated else I would have simply ordered a new one and put it there.

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