Zion and the Art of Armageddon

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Iran's comments at the UN debate were interesting. Making a point that they only attacked military targets and gave sufficient pre warning that it would happen. That appears to have gone to the US as they have an open channel to them.

Filly will love Iran's idea of solution. Equal rights for Palestinians, one country, one state. Mention of a referendum. That appeared to relate to all surviving Palestinians. There are Palestinian refugee camps in several countries. In total the UN in 2019 had >5.6m registered refugees but there are thought to be about 1m that aren't registered. >1.5m were in UNRWA run camps. I assume included in the 5.6m. Numbers probably need an update. Not clear how the remaining 4.1m survive. Not sure what to make of this from the wiki
Today, the largest number of refugees, over 2,000,000, live in Jordan, where by 2009 over 90% of UNWRA-registered Palestinian refugees had acquired full citizenship rights. This figure consists almost exclusively of West Bank–descended Palestinians;[a] however, as of December 2021, Palestinians with roots in the Gaza Strip are also still kept in legal limbo. In 2021, Jordanian politician Jawad Anani estimated that roughly 50% of Jordan's population had West Bank–Palestinian roots.
Blinken has been a bit clearer about Rafar in his G7 press conference. The US don't see complete evactuation as feasible and also pointed out that not all will move out anyway. Much the same as what happened in the north of the strip. So they are suggesting alternative methods of taking care of HAMAS. Sounds a bit vague to me, more wait and see. He kept mentioning de escalating everything that is going on. Also effectively that Israel will have to agree a separate state. Diplomatic solutions all round. I suspect west bank settlements will prove to be a problem. I can't see Israel moving out even though these are illegal when one country occupies another. As are other factors.

Also mention of a side swipe against China some relating to difficulties with competing with them. Sounds like mention of dumping which was aimed at Japan a while ago when they were becoming successful with market shares growing. It really mostly relates to production rates. Also gaining market size in various sectors by selling with low profit level margins. Common practice all round in some sectors.
Well dare say the mad mullers in Tehran are getting squeaky b um s

Reports suggest that some of the drones ( ?) were launched from inside Iran

plus the Israelis knew exactly who and when the rev guard generals were going to be at the embassy in Damascus / Syria

The mad mullers have a spy or spies in there ranks and the Israelis have ( for a good while) people inside Iran

The mad mullers only concern is regime survival
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were launched from inside Iran
They might say that to avoid retaliating. It seems that the US have said Israel did launch them. Israel generally when they do strike say nothing at all. Just like nukes they wont deny they have them or say they have them. A general feeling is that they do have them.

Iran. Pakistan and India didn't have much of a problem refining uranium nor did N. Korea. Satellites - military. There may be others but doubtful.

Noor-2, the second satellite of the Noor class, was launched on 8 March 2022 (during the Sha'baniyah holiday) to a 500 kilometer orbit. It has a resolution of 12 to 15 meters, a weight of 17 kg, a swath width of 25 km and 6 passes. Noor-2 continues to provide the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps with low-resolution overhead imagery.[7][8]

Noor-3, also called Najm is the third satellite of the Noor class, was launched on a Qassed launcher on 27 September 2023 to a 450 kilometer orbit. It has a weight of 24 kg with a resolution of 6 to 4.8 meters.
Reports suggest that some of the drones ( ?) were launched from inside Iran
After we watched a film last night and turned that box off the TV was tuned to AlJ. Talk of an air launched cruise missile from within Iran's air space. Some pundit. He also mentioned the aircraft getting there via Syria. I just caught the tail end.
At least five Palestinians, including a teenager, have been killed during an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem. The escalating violence on Friday came as the United States and the European Union imposed more sanctions targeting hardliner Israeli settlers engaged in violence against Palestinians in the occupied territory.

The EU put two “radical” organisations – Lehava and the Hilltop Youth – on its asset freeze and visa ban blacklist for their attacks on Palestinians. It also included Hilltop Youth leaders Meir Ettinger and Elisha Yered, along with settlers Neria Ben Pazi and Yinon Levi. Separately, the US said it was adding Ben-Zion Gopstein, the founder and leader of Lehava, to its own blacklist. Washington also imposed sanctions on two groups involved in raising tens of thousands of dollars for settlers Yinon Levi and David Chai Chasdai, who were targeted in its earlier sanctions, the Treasury Department announced in a statement.

Washington had previously sanctioned five settlers and two unauthorised outposts in the West Bank in two rounds of sanctions. One entity, Mount Hebron Fund, launched an online fundraising campaign that raised $140,000 for Levi, the Treasury said, after he was sanctioned on February 1 for leading a group of settlers that assaulted Palestinian and Bedouin civilians, burned their fields and destroyed their property. It said the second entity, Shlom Asiraich, raised $31,000 on a crowdfunding website for Chasdai, who the US says initiated and led a riot that included setting vehicles and buildings on fire and causing damage to property in Huwara, resulting in the death of a Palestinian civilian.

“Such acts by these organisations undermine the peace, security, and stability of the West Bank. We will continue to use our tools to hold those responsible accountable,” Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo said.

Al Jazeera
West Bank city of Tulkarem.
It appears to relate to the Nur Shams refugee camp which is near to Tulkarem. Lots of buildings so similar to a town / village. The destruction levels are being related to heavy raids on similar ~2000. Easy to forget names but think there has been another similar one in recent days.

The West Bank settlements have mostly been arranged to be Israeli suburbs; Just needs the addition of a motorway to work. Old article explaining why.

It seems the associated organisations are viewed as charities "due to humanitarian work" and get tax relief as a result. All or some - pass their isn't much info about. They may be involved in Israeli moving into Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem. Footage has been shown but no idea what happens as a result.
I don't use a terrorist groups data, I use the Gazan Health Ministry. But as previously stated the quality of those numbers is getting worse as there are so few hospitals left to register deaths.

If the IDF can find a way to make sure that people have time to pass on their equivalent of their NI number before they die that would be very helpful.

If someone finds a body burnt beyond recognition then it would be an incomplete record. But the person is still dead.
In the same way that the British health service is under the control of the Conservatives.

Israeli sources like to choose wording that suggests every local government officer, policeman, drain clearer, road worker, taxman or gravedigger is a terrorist. Filly naturally does the same.
If the IDF can find a way to make sure that people have time to pass on their equivalent of their NI number before they die that would be very helpful.
They appear to make some use of mobile phones. Israel is the source of the software that the US used to eavesdrop on various European politicians. The software was said to not work on European phones.

A UN spokesperson commented on the number of deaths of UNRWA workers Israel gets a yearly update of those. As some mention defunding them doesn't make that much sense. As well as agreeing $b for Israel the US has also agreed a $x for Gaza. How it will be used - pass. No corruption checks on those unlike the money for Ukraine. $40b for weapons. The rest for other aspects.
They appear to make some use of mobile phones. Israel is the source of the software that the US used to eavesdrop on various European politicians. The software was said to not work on European phones.
That's wrong. Pegasus has been used heavily in Europe. It's also irrelevant to counting the dead as the IDF doesn't track or share that information.

Apparently someone has found a mass grave at one of the hospitals attacked by the IDF. Those bodies would have been unrecorded, and would now show up in Filly's incomplete list.
Hamas death toll in Gaza probably exaggerated by up to a third. Who'd have thought?
The US have increased their estimate of deaths and still feel it's too many.

Recent news but more details needed. US unhappy about an action in the West Bank. Things are hotting up there. It seems in the past Israel has been known to nearly completely destroy a refugee camp there. It seems the US has sanctioned an Israeli battalion.

$9b for Gaza.
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