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Ive had a new flue fitted to my baxi boiler. Just asking if the engineer was suppose to fill in the holes. He didn’t and left gaping holes
Have you got the hump with me? Trying to retrieve your PMs to me and they can't be accessed
Sorry mate, I don't recall recently sending you a PM.

After getting your notification, I have headed over here to my "profile posts" page. I don't get many PM's but I have noticed that most of the ones that I have received over the years have disappeared. I now only have 6 listed, going back to 2010.

I still have the utmost respect for you, honest.
It's not just me, then. I have had a couple of PM threads with members who have left the forum deleted in their entirety. In one case the all the ex-member's posts have also been deleted. So when I tried to PM you and couldn't... Fortunately I haven't lost the email addresses of the ex-members in question, but I am left wondering WTH is going on
I wouldn't have noticed the missing posts were it not for your PM.
Hi I noticed from a post that you bought a hanging rail for your wren kitchen wall cabinets. Can you tell me if it fitted ok as I am thinking of doing the same.
If it was all ok can you tell me where you got it from .
Thank you Paul
Hi SS. Have you noticed that our favourite pedant has been missing in action since Tuesday? Nice and quiet.
I might dare to type transformer at the next opportunity !!
Hello Fubar, I'm trying to find a solution for fitting a balustrade to a flat roof with wooden structure. Did you complete your project successfully and if so what solution did you use. With thanks, Tony O
Can I see all your self built pergolas? I done mine I am good with my hands bit not a tradesman in any way haha,
Hi noseall,
Sorry to bother, looking for professional advice (as usual), hope you have a min to spare.
In a small room, removed old wall paper and underneath old skimming plaster which looks and feels solid, but has dozens thin, hairline cracks. We would prefer to paint that wall white, but guess cracks will show up. Wondered if you can advise on best way to go about it?
As long as the plaster is stable, then most instances you can PVA and skim (plaster) over. We use Blu-Grit for kitchen ceilings or surfaces that are high suction or a wee bit dodgy.
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Hi Chris,
I was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding mobile phone strength. I have had an extension and due to the foil backed insulation, I have zero mobile phone strength. I was wondering if you would recommend a mobile phone booster, I thought you would be the best person to ask on here.

Many thanks

Hi noseall, after some info, I've just seen a post from way back in 2018 regarding asbestos. You said that there was no way that once asbestos became illegal it wouldn't be used. Surely surveyors, honest builders, builder companies and the NHBC would have ousted up on any banned material being used ?
I'm not sure your actual question here? Asbestos is not used or knowingly used, no. There are still many houses with existing asbestos features and builders generally work around any existing items of asbestos that are present.
Hi, really interested in your post about your grohe toilet frame and how you mounted it to the thermalite, do you have any additional details or pictures you can share please
Hi. I noticed you posted about passivent replacement covers and purchased some from Aereco instead. How did you get on? Thanks
I forgot to state, i have texecom premier elite 24 & texecom connect. Alarming/disarming from key pad, alerts show correct users names.