Love DIY? Build your own wedding


The start of summer means the wedding season is upon us -- but if you're walking up the aisle, the chances are you'll be counting the pennies as you prepare to tie the knot.

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DIY SOS named UK’s favourite property show


The people have spoken – DIY SOS is the nation's favourite property show on television, according to a new survey.

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Everybody needs good neighbours when it comes to home improvement


For the most part, basic garden maintenance can mean pruning the hedges and mowing the lawn. But what happens when a neighbour’s plant is growing across onto your property or their tree is blocking light into your garden?

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Home décor is a sorry sight for house proud Brits


Your home might be your castle - but it seems some people are so embarrassed by their home décor that they will ban guests from visiting.

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Why bathrooms might be the dirtiest room in the house


While you might expect a bathroom to be the cleanest room in the house, we may be leaving them dirtier than before we went in.

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