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    Fridge freezer - freezer is freezing fine but fridge is not getting very cold

    Hi all, I saved a fridge freezer from going into landfill or wherever they go from a neihbours house (with their consent) , a lovely one hisense the make is (looks to be sold by currys in the past) with a cold water dispenser it needed drying out (was left out in rain for about 5 days) and a...
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    What does an Air Breaker box do on a Dishwasher?

    Hello all. Can you tell me what is a Air Breaker Box on a Dishwasher and what does it do please? Just bought a used Kenwood Dishwasher KDW60s16 couple of days ago . Seems to be working fine - only thing is , annoying if anything, there is a groan noise at around 45mins left of a 90min cycle...
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    Beko Tumble Dryer Drum is not earthed

    I've not long had a new Beko vented Tumble dryer and couldn't understand why I was getting static electric shocks as I was pulling out the clothes after drying but now I think I find the cause. Although the metal cabinet on the tumble dryer is earthed (I tested to the earth pin on the 13a plug...
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    Beko Tumble Dryer not Drying

    SOLVED: Thanks all - cleaned out all the dust and fluff from the element and pressed reset on the lower cut out (or is NTC correct term for it) and fired it up and it heats now . I thought I had reset then bottom one loast night but i couldnt have . The top one, well that still is open circuit...
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    Beko Tumble Dryer not Drying

    ok thanks, I will give it a go i kinda wanted more to know though if the top cut-out device was supposed to be open circuit or closed circuit though still, in normal operation all the time .. or should there be any resistance at all. in other words when you go to check the non-resettable top...
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    Beko Tumble Dryer not Drying

    Thanks for the reply. If the safety cut-out(s) has failed though then I would get no voltage present at the element as well though. I am also wondering if the top cut out is normally open or wether it has some kind of resistance in normal circumstances or if its normally closed when drier is...
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    Beko Tumble Dryer not Drying

    Hi - got a Beko Condenser Tumble dryer not heating. Took back off which covers the heater , load of dust and fluff around the heating elements - removed all that. there are 2 cut out safety devices at top of heater bottom cut out device is re-settable , pushed the reset pin in and got a...
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    lot of condensation in top of Tigerloop device - is it normal?

    I photographed our Tigerloop the other day - seems a lot of water/condensation in the top of our Tigerloop, does this look normal? - I've never had a Tigerloop before so i didnt know if its normal? is that what is supposed to happen? or could there be some water getting into tank or oil? - I...
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    Frost Protection on outside oil boiler module

    only 1 more thing I have to get my head around is that if you have a FrostStat set to 5c and a pipe stat set to 30c then does the pipe stat ever get to 30c? - because surely when the inside of the outside boiler module reaches a temperature of 5c (which I should imagine it does very quickly due...
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    Frost Protection on outside oil boiler module

    ah right , because its on the permanent live? - so if you wired the pipe stat at 30c on the permanent live and not the switched live then that would work ... but as wildcat pointed out - fuel wastage
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    Frost Protection on outside oil boiler module

    i hear/read 2 different settings for the frost stat some sites say 5c .. then some say 0c - i have just set ours at 3-4c - on some grant condenser boilers (could be vortex) they have a non adjustable frostat set at 5c at the factory. If you had a pipe stat wired up as in diagram 1 at 30c I...
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    Frost Protection on outside oil boiler module

    Thanks very much all - re wiring of the pipe stat is Diagram 1 right or Diagram 2 correct thanks?
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    Frost Protection on outside oil boiler module

    in the instructions on our Grant Euroflame outdoor kerosene oil boiler it says that a pipe state fitted to the return water pipe may be fitted to offer frost protection and that it shall be set at 30 degrees centigrade. If water freezes at 0c i wonder why they say to set the stat at 30c ? -...
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    Sink Mixer taps when using with a Header tank in loft

    I used to hear years ago that the UK and Ireland used to have 'seperate' hot and cold taps at the sink for a valid good reason , that it was by law (water laws) so that the water mains (cold) was seperate from the (hot water system) coming from the storage tank up in the loft. citing that the...
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    Mains switch in Consumer Unit is only Single Pole

    So, we didnt actually get around to answering the question about if a RECI installer checked the premises which was wired up before 2008> regulations - would they base the installation on pre 2008 regulation or would they say it has to be up to date regulations? i.e. if before 2008 regs it said...