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    Aqualisa Axis

    Attended one of these today Power was off on mcb Turned on power and lights on shower control flashing and not working Gravity pumped unit. Newish orange unit in loft with red light on Any ideas?
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    Wall crack

    Im going to refit my bathroom and this will involve moving the fittings about. The bathroom is in the corner of the house and the outside wall will need to be tiled. This wall has a horizontal crack running across it. Over the years I've chopped it out and filled it during decoration. The...
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    Warning do not use this company My order turned up incomplete Rang 'Customer help line' and she refused to put me through to anyone who could help Told to email !!!! Avoid
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    VW Transporter T4 Brakes Issue

    Fitted new master cylinder and all good.. Thank you
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    VW Transporter T4 Brakes Issue

    Very occasionally when I'm stationary with my foot on the brake pedal, it seems like I loose pressure in the brake system and the pedal drops to almost the floor. When I release the pedal and push down again all seems well. This only happens when I'm stationary but I'm worried it may happen when...
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    Wickes £49.99 WC

    Bit the bullet and fiited said wc today. Pleasantly supprised, not a bad unit. pan has a nice big foot so it's pretty stable and it weighs a ton. Flush and fill valves prefitted and didn't leak. As mentioned, the seats a bit flimsy and the outlet spigot could have been a tad longer. However, for...
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    Wickes £49.99 WC

    Anyone fitted the above? Been asked to fit one though not keen as I've not seen one. Apparently it comes complete with seat and even fixings!
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    Alpha Boiler Problems.

    Tony, I think Alphas five guarantee only applies to the CD range of combis and that is dependant upon the installer fitting the Premier Pack for an extra £150.
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    LPG to natural gas connection problems

    You appear to have bought an LPG cooker hose.
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    Question for Doitall

    Thanks for all your replies. Main is 28mm and nothing is in the spec. Think I'll keep quiet on the subject and hope for the best.
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    Question for Doitall

    Cheers Kev. How do I carry this out. What kit do I need. Most of the main is in Hep due to the difficult route.
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    Question for Doitall

    Just finished a commercial refit and the site agent asked if I was going to 'chlorinate' the main. What does this involve? Is it necessary?
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    Copper v PVC pipes`

    Something's wrong of they're popping off at 6 bar, neds. Hep testing proceedure states 18 bar for one hour!
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    Honeywell AQ6000 Control System

    What's it doing Boilerman? I have an AQ system in my place. Only problem I've had is with the heating temp sensor, As it has to be sited 1 meter from the valve it's normally fitted under the floor.
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    dow corning silicone

    Why did you ask if you knew the answer?