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    Struggling to find a roofer and quote? Verges pointing

    Hi Guys, Looking for some advise if possible. So we have been looking for a roofer to quote and hopefully repair a failing mortar from a previous repair in the verges of our property. I've added the pictures below. Only one side of the property has failed. The house is weathers more from this...
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    Insulating inside Solid wall

    Hi , I need a little advice if possible. We are fitting an toilet under the airs of our 1930's detached house. The walls are single brick without cavity. I have removed all the plaster and down to bear brick now. The plaster had mostly blown on the one outside wall and where a cupboard had been...
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    channel Tarmac Drive or go under?

    Hi guys, Need some advice. I need ideally to get a sleeved pipe across a tarmac drive approxamtly 2.5meters wide. It is soil either side. In a perfect world I would like to go under if possible but how deep is a tarmac drive likely to be? If going under is not feasible is channeling possible...
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    Globe Taps Replacement - Shower mixer?

    Hi Guys, I am struggling to find a replacement for the taps we have fitted to out cast iron bath. We have rear entry globe taps fitted. Until we replace the bathroom suite i would like to replace with something so we can shower? Anyone come across any suitable replacements? Thanks Reuben
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    Staircase to loft -non habitable room -- for the moment

    Thanks guys. I believe what we may do in the future ,if converted will fall under permitted development but we're long from that. Due to renovations we want to get the stairs in first so not further major renovations in that area in the future. I read somewhere that if I contact regarding...
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    Staircase to loft -non habitable room -- for the moment

    hi, We moved to our home in June and now looking to start works. It's a 3 bed detached house, two chimneys(on outer walls) One item is in the distant future we may look at a loft conversion. Currently two thirds of the loft are floorboarded and the other two thirds are just joists. But for the...
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    New toilet to existing soil waste.

    Thank you guys. I have just removed the inner plastic sleeve leaving just the cast soil and collar. Far more clear now. It does look like i maybe able to fit this fitting inside dependent on depth of collar to pleated section. Otherwise will hacksaw a section back. And the edges butt up to...
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    New toilet to existing soil waste.

    Just measure in mm this time. appox 110mm. I would rather not grind back if i can but if need be. I assume these pan fitting's just fit in the collar? There relatively cheap from toolstation so happy to try fitment if need be. I have seen these The offset would have to be slightly...
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    New toilet to existing soil waste.

    Hi starting to test fit our new bathroom in place but run into a little issue. First bathroom i have done so be gentle. The pictures should show it all . This is the existing waste and new toilet close up. As you can see the soil comes in at an odd angle. The toilet is a very...
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    Towel rail pipe entry

    At the moment i have a radiator fitted in the bathroom where flow is connected straight up from the floor to the trv. The return then comes up out of the floor and across the bottom of the rad for about 60cm and elbows up to the return. This is because of the joist formation under the floor...
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    Can't I block a vent to a cavity wall?

    I have a small bathroom with two vents through a cavity to air bricks. They are on the same wall approximately 2.5 meters apart. They are not sleeved through simply air brick on the outside and plastic vent on the other. When fitting my new bathroom the one vent is where the shower will be so...
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    is a wilo gold 60-1 head changeable with a grundfos 15/50

    can i do this? any feedback appreciated.
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    10mm speedfit downstairs opinions

    Thanks for the reply,more than likely be a first fix to be fair with the 10mm and see how i get on. Does everyone agree.
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    10mm speedfit downstairs opinions

    Hiya im installing a new system in my house but just want to ask some advice on downstair radiators.I am a service engineer and this is first design on a system really so though id leave it to the installers instead Fitting a worcestor bosch junior 28he All upstairs is fitted with 22mm...
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    New heating system install,notching stopping creaking boards

    Hiya just fitting a heating system and whats the best method of preventing creaking.Im notching the joists for the pipework. Should i notch enough for a clip to be fitted to the joist and pipes clipped in? Or should i even clip? If the notch is deep enough and wide enough it shouldnt creak...