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    An alarming development

    Who do you think you are? The moderators do not have to justify anything to you. It’s a privately owned site and if you don’t like it then f**k off and take your whinging with you. E
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    flex used on socket circuit EICR code

    Get on many major new construction projects and you'll find the lighting wired throughout using flex 7. Everything on the LV side is wired in flex using plug in factory made terminations.
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    Pir for long corridor between houses

    Clipsal infrascan will do the job.
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    one way to get free electricity

    Are you sure the meter isn't at a viewing point downstairs?
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    I remember using meths to get paraffin lamps hot before lighting them when I was in the scouts
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    USB Wall Sockets - Can I Do it?

    Things like this for example. Leave a boiler without an earth so you can use it as a switchwire and hope the gas pipe will provide an earth in the event of a fault. :rolleyes:
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    USB Wall Sockets - Can I Do it?

    It's far worse than that. It's a place for prima donnas to mix with other like minded people and play out their illusions of grandeur without challenge. They also like to exchange advice on things like electrical work which they are so far from competent to do so it beggars belief whilst...
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    Overhead garage supply

    Use a smaller cable and you can be the proud owner of a state of the art heated washing line.
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    S/S surface mounting box >35mm for shaver socket

    You should get out more.
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    Overhead garage supply

    Op don't worry about all the nonsense posted on here. You'll be fine to do as you proposed.
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    oven and hob installation

    Yes no problem at all with this plan.
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    Overhead garage supply

    Can vehicles access under where you plan to fly the cable?
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    What you make of this...

    The socket / switch in the first picture is fed in pyro.
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    Hi I'm watching a few topics at the moment. They have been receiving replies but I haven't had any email notifications. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem or if it's something that's gone wrong at my end.
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    Cultural vandalism via autocensor

    I love the site and how it's run. I just get a bit fed up of the perpetual whinging from a select few posters, but I just accept it and get on with my life instead of making a big fuss about it.