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    Glow worm beta com 30 heating problem

    Yes you will have to isolate flow+return and drain boiler. Ridged chrome nut on the front unscrews and filter is inside
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    Glow worm beta com 30 heating problem

    Yep a gauze filter in the heating return isolation valve. Should be the valve on the right hand side with blue handle but some people fit them incorrectly on the left hand side flow pipe
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    Glow worm beta com 30 heating problem

    Is it a betacom c by any chance? It might just need the return filter cleaning if it is
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    One pipe central heating -- improve and add a rad

    First thing I’d say is that most TRVs are not suitable for use on a 1 pipe system. Secondly just bite the bullet and repipe fully into a 2 pipe system. Comfort levels and warmup times will be greatly improved so in the long run will be a more cost effective option
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    Vaillant EcoTEC plus 831 pressure keeps rising

    Part no 0020010295 and 0020010291 are what you need to fix it
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    Smart meter... To install or not to install?

    What everyone here seems to be forgetting is why smart meters were introduced in the 1st place. It was some hairbrained scheme that made everyone believe that if people could see how much gas/electric they were using, then this would lead to them using less therefore reducing CO2 emissions. Well...
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    Drayton Digistat SCR not switching boiler on

    What type of heating system is it?
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    Problems with Vallaint 428 after CP12 check

    So clearly it was the guy that did the cp12 waving his magic spanner that caused the motorised valve to seize up and become old overnight
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    Problems with Vallaint 428 after CP12 check

    Jesus talk about over complicate things it’s so clear you have a problem with your hot water creating short demands for heat from your boiler. Therefore you have to be losing hot water from your cylinder either through leaking PRV into tundish, dripping hot tap or leak on the dhw pipe work.
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    Problems with Vallaint 428 after CP12 check

    My guess from looking at things is that your air gap in your megaflo cylinder needs recharging. If your constantly losing hot water at a small rate through the tundish that is replaced by cold,the boiler will keep firing for small periods to bring your cylinder back up to temp.
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    Problems with Vallaint 428 after CP12 check

    Why are you blaming the engineer? SFH will clear after the boiler has run at the kw rating set on D0 after 10 mins. Personally IMO I think you have an oversized boiler with undersized pipe work and poor circulation so boiler short cycles
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    vaillant ecoTec Plus - Hot water no heating

    A lot of valiant controls are hot water priority systems. This means the heating will not come on until any hot water demand is satisfied
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    Boiler overheating when first firing up in the morning

    Due to the fact that the majority of your posts lack the clear technical knowledge as shown from other qualified engineers, then yes I do question your judgement on your fault that is so rare it only happened in less than 0.01% of boilers. As in the words of Donald Trump your showboating old...
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    Boiler overheating when first firing up in the morning

    Awfully sorry old chap to try and rain on your parade but I rather believe you are talking your usual Drivel in my opinion. I will try and be as polite as possible and make sure there is no abuse, as we would not want to upset the mods. ======================== Appreciated;). Mod Plod...
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    Vaillant heating predictions etc.

    What is you setback temp set to? The colder you let your house get the earlier the heating will come on, especially on very cold nights