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    Hive 2 Receiver

    Thanks Pete.
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    Hive 2 Receiver

    Turn the heating on until it's turned off or the room thermostat reaches the required temperature.
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    Hive 2 Receiver

    Thanks. Will have a look into Alexa and see if I can pick up a cheap one somewhere. Does the button on the heating button on the receiver just boost other people'heati g though? Wondering if I have wired that part incorrect ly. As I said the app and thermostat work as they should.
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    Hive 2 Receiver

    Hi all. I self installed the Hive 2 heating and hot water thermostat a few months ago replacing the existing Horstmann H27 control unit . All is well apart from one little thing- using the heating button on the Hive 2 Receiver next to the boiler turns on the boost function for the heating only...
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    Self levelling floor

    Hi, I have carried out a levelling of a downstairs room with a latex self levelling compund. The results are largely ok and its definetely an inprovement. There are a few air bubbles in places. Main concern is its still up to 2mm out in some areas. Wondering whether to have a go at a second...
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    framing wall for plastering

    The cu pipes in view are the cold and hot water supply. I previously cut them at that point as the follow on pipework needed to be moved to allow some damp proofing work to take place. They would have had to be eventually moved anyway. Theres no other suitable place to take a new hot/cold...
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    Type of wood used in pic?

    Hi, Trying to recreate the look of the bathroom vanity unit and wondering what type of wood was used for the surface. Trawling the internet and the nearest I can find is Iroko. Does anybody what it may be?
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    Cast iron rad

    Thanks all. Its for a 1900 cottage style house with a mix of single and double panels at the moment. Hoping to change them all out over time.
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    Cast iron rad

    Hi, Can anybody help me identify if the attached rad is a cast iron or steel radiator? Its from my old place and they such a good job at heating that I am wanting the same or similar. Thanks