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    Painting directly on to a concrete garage...

    We have a garage in the back garden which we want to neaten up. We have recently had the door, roof and gutters replaced so the last part of the refurb is the walls. It currently looks unfinished - there is no rendering or cladding to it at all. We plan to move house in a couple of years so I...
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    Decking - distance from house?

    We want to place decking on a tarmac patio and extend in to the garden. We have French Windows on the back of the house and the bottom lip of the windows is only a couple of inches off the ground. In this case, can we placed decking that low, or would we have to build it a little bit away from...
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    Re-tarmac driveway

    We bought our house last year and renovated the building. Outside is a long Tarmac drive. It's not in great condition - there are crumbled edges, patchwork finish in places and the whole thing generally looks tired. A good wash has made it look reasonable but really, it could do with being...
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    Garden path - gravel and wood bark chippings

    We recently moved in to the house we've been renovating and I've started work on the front garden. It was a bit plain and overgrown with a scruffy flagstone path running alongside it and the drive. The garden is now very nice with curved edges, a couple of new evergreens, boulders and...
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    uPVC Cadding over Pebble dashing?

    The front of my house has a large area of pebble dashing, broken up only by one bedroom window. It looks fine and it isn't in bad condition, but I think something more inspired could replace it to give it a neater, more uniform look, better in-keeping with the rest of the house. Can uPVC...
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    Garage refurb

    The main issue I have with the roof is getting the house revalued. We've done a huge amount of work to the property so I don't want anything like an asbestos roof proving to be problem in getting the highest revalue possible. I don't know, would that affect a revaluation?
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    Garage refurb

    The current structure doesn't look ill-thought out, it's just old and needs refreshing so I don't see any reason why a refurb would make it look worse? Just adding a new door would make it look 100 times better and I want to replace the asbestos roof with a safer alternative. Only going...
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    Garage refurb

    It's a pre-cast sectional garage, so constructed with concrete and wooden door with wood frame. No other fascia. Re: Diagram, yes that's the idea though the roof slopes down towards the back if that makes any difference.
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    Certificate for new boiler/central heating?

    That's what I thought. My builder outsourced the boiler fitting to a gas registered plumber and I haven't received anything. The builder says I don't have to have anything unless I'm renting it out. So he's either having me on or misinformed? Do you know whether I can just check with Gas...
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    Certificate for new boiler/central heating?

    Is that for everyone who has a new boiler installed? Does it make any difference whether you're a private owner or a landlord?
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    Certificate for new boiler/central heating?

    When getting a new combi boiler system installed, what certificates should my gas fitter/plumber supply me with? Also, so I require anything for an all new central heating system? Thanks.
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    Garage refurb

    I'm almost done renovating a house so my attentions will soon be turning to the abomination of a garage we have... The actual structure is fine but I want to replace the roof for two reasons: it's asbestos and it's ugly. Also needs a new door. I don't intend on using the garage for much, it...
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    Tarmac drive refresh!

    Thanks for the comments guys. Moving in to the house in a little under 2 weeks and I think illngo down the paint/seal route, gotta sort out the patio and garage too...
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    Tarmac drive refresh!

    I've spent most of the year renovating a house and now I am turning my attention to what do with the driveway. It is currently a tarmac drive with 2 elevations and while it is generally in good condition (good, solid foundation, completely intact), it has some areas of patchwork. It would...