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    Bathroom project

    Hi, I’m not a plumber, but I would replace the 90 degree bend on the waste pipe from the sink with one of these or two of these to reduce the chances of...
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    Bungalow Loft Conversion

    Impressive work !
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    British Spec built... :)

    Looking good - hopefully much warmer now !
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    Yale Composite Door - bottom threshold repair

    Thanks everyone. Door stop doors sent a replacement strip which arrived next day !
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    Yale Composite Door - bottom threshold repair

    Thanks for the replies, I'll contact doorstop. The t strips on our door is like the one in the left of the photo, only we have two t strips - if doorstop wont supply us one, any one know where we can buy a suitbale replacement ?
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    Yale Composite Door - bottom threshold repair

    Hi, We have yale composite door- we have tried for over a week to contact yaledoors, but they don't seem to answer their phones. At the bottom of our door, there are two rubber, t shaped strips - see photo - one of them has perished - does any one know where we can purchase replacement strips...
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    Ceiling Wallpaper

    Thanks - that looks like it !
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    Ceiling Wallpaper

    Any one recognise this please so I can add a new piece to make a repair ? Thanks !
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    DIY Loft Conversion

    I'm watching with interest - looks good !
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    Bathroom Project (Well Needed Aswell) LoL

    looks good - great effort
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    Danfoss ret-b thermostat

    I have a danfoss ret-b thermostat which has a "chrono" setting - "energy saving feature which fires the boiler at regular intervals to maintain a set temperature, achieving a constant ambient environment for the user" Does this option actually save energy or is it more efficient to use the...
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    Recessed Electric Meter Cupboard - Insulation ?

    My electric meter cupboard is recessed into the cavity wall, almost touching the the outer wall, so there isn't much between it and the cold. As the meter cupboard is all metal, I believe it forms quite a thermal bridge in the wall. It measures 86 * 46 cm. I was wondering if it was...
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    Bloody Angian Water

    we moved house. had the dreaded water meter fitted - however, without any drastic cuts in our "normal" usage, our water bills are actually lower :D
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    No cross bonding or earthing in bathroom?

    where do you buy it from ?