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    Shed base next to tree.

    Hi, I am trying to work out the best way to make a base for a 16' x 8' tanalised shed/workshop. I'd like to make the base and shed last as long as possible. The problem is the shed is positioned next to an apple tree growing out of the ground at 45 degrees. In the past 3 years the tree...
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    Is my roofer pulling the wool over my eyes?

    I have just had a new roof put on with marley flat tiles. new membrane battens etc. There the flashing at the sloping side of the chimney seems do run under this tiles. When I questioned my roofer about this he said it was correct. Is there method to do it like this or is he having me on...
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    Are cheap Extractor fans rubbish?

    Hi I'm looking at fitting an extractor fan into the kitchen with a humidistat. There seems to be a huge range of prices, the two extremes are - or...
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    Solving damp problem.

    The walls are 9" solid. There is a another section where the slate DPC layer just is above the floor level. After a bit of investigation I discovered the slate DPC is only under the outer course of bricks. The inner course is normal mortar. This is allowing the moisture from the concrete...
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    Solving damp problem.

    I have acquired a house with a damp problem. Some time ago the floor was filled in with (I assume) concrete and 15mm bitumen/ash felt layed on top. I think the concrete floor is bridging the existing slate dpc causing rising damp. Various injected dpc attempts have failed. I am having an...
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    Help - How do I seal this mess

    I've found a solution, A local mastic asphalt specialist is coming to have a look. They can also re level the floor in my hallway too.
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    Help - How do I seal this mess

    I have a complicated joint in the floor where an old fireplace used to be which dampness is penetrating. If you can bear with me I'll explain. The floor was suspended timber but is now concrete with a black bitumen epoxy type coating. When this coating was laid the fireplace must have still...
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    Cavity membrane

    Hi i'm lining a brick wall inside with studded membrane above ground to solve a particular damp problem. I need to provide a smoothish surface for the membrane so need to fill a few small areas. What material would be best to use, mortar?
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    Is This feasible loft.

    I have just bought a circa 1910 3 bed semi. I'm looking at boarding out the loft and using it for quite a lot of storage. Upstairs a new suspended ceiling has been fitted and the existing ceiling rafters are free above the new rafters by about 3" The old ceiling joists are 72mm x 35mm and...