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  • Hi,

    I've been reading through the forums and i see you're the man to ask on the following problem

    I would really appreciate it if i could get some advice on a floor i want to lay.

    basically i have a 24 sqm floor in a domestic studio space which will be used as a wood workshop, no forklifts or the like!

    It is made up of a 6 inch reinforced slab with dpm seperating it from insulation below.

    The floor is fairly level with about a max 4mm difference over the 4m width, i put this down to footfall over the past 2 yrs, thats how long the slab has been down for.

    I would like to have a smooth finish on top, not a glossy polished finish but just something that is flat and doesn't break up under foot fall.

    I also don't want it to be very thick, ideally between 5-10mm

    I have been advised by manufacturers but not one gives the same answer, sbr in concrete, larsen slc2000, ardex k301.

    I don't want to break the bank but i don't want the floor to crack! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
    Thanks for your reply, it sounds complicated do you have any diagrams. you lost me on the plywood, gusset ect. I have been quoted 1400 to do the timbers. I thought that was expensive its only 2.1 mtr wide not sure on the length. would like to have a go myself but just need the right info.
    The guy i had out today said i need 9*2= 2 6mtr lengths hips. 9*2 2mtrs 400 ridge.
    2 mtr 400* 1 mtr 200 sheets of ply *5 25 mil thick. 6*2 4mtr lenghts *40 and 9*3 purlins 2mtr 100 * 2 and 3mtr *1. Any help would be a great help thanks Carl.

    I am roofing my porch at the moment and needs some advice, I've put the rafters in place but I am unsure what to do know before the felt and tiles etc go on, I need to do something with each side of the lean to style roof , to go from the last rafter each side over the brick work to keep think neat. Probably not explained very well, will send pics if it helps.


    hi, just wondered if you can give me some advice please? We are planning a conservatory on our new house, the problem is that there is a man hole cover where the wall of the conservatory would be, on looking in this this morning i have noticed that my neighbours pipes run into this as I am a mid terraced house. what would be the option here as the conservatory comapny said they can make it smaller to make it part of the conservatory, or to move it. I have also read it is possible to bridge it? Can you advise please?

    Many thanks

    [email protected]
    Firstly many thanks for your reply noseall, unfortunately my lack of knowledge on roofing has led to not using correct terminology refering to length and width instead of span? the span is actually the larger dimension 4m so am I right in saying that this alters your response? If so how?
    I do not want to use a purlin but am unsure if a 4m span without is good building practice?
    Hello noseall,do you know if kingspan insulation can be fited to felt roof with hot bitumin like other insulation boards?if so can it then be felted onto?Regrds cumbriaroofer30yrsexp.
    Hi Noseall, would really appreciate if you could have a look at my post.
    Hi Noseall,im fitting new lead flashing on my extension and i know on code 4 i can use lenghts of 1.5m long but what is the overlap? is 150mm enough?
    Many thanks mate Steve
    Hi Noseall,Wondered if you had any suggestions regarding my insulation problem in the buildings section.Have looked at some of your previous replies to problems and would value your opinion/help.Many thanks Kev
    Hi noseall, sorry to call you out like this; would you be so good as to look at my recent "lintel/support question" post. I received my report from the structural engineer. I can upload pictures if req'd.
    I'm really stumped as to how a new lintel can be place under an exsting one when it needs to be supported by acro's and boards.
    Hi, MattWood here. I hope you don't mind but could I pick your brains about stopping roof spread when I remove 4 joists to create a double height ceiling. My email address is [email protected]
    I would really appreciate any help.
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