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    no hot water from taps..

    Yes its tank fed, iv tried connecting the maons cold to the hot via washing machine valves and i managed to get flowing water from hot pipes, thinking it had worked i disconnected them and no flowing water from hot again.. The cylinder gets hot and vent pipe gets hot too.
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    no hot water from taps..

    Iv no hot water from any taps in a flat, not even any flowing water.. Cold is perfect and cylinder is hot as is the vent pipe hot.. just no flowing water. Tried connecting mains cold to hot and im getting flowing water from all hot taps. once i disconnect the hose i get nothing again...
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    Flu liner costs??

    Iv just had my living flame gas fire condemned by british gas, stating i need a new flu liner from ground level to chimney. its a normal 3bed terrace so my question is whats a rough price to supply and fit... i know prices vary obviously but even a ball park figure... Plus does it need any...
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    removal of load bearing wall

    Hi whats the normal procedure for removing a load bearing wall.. ie. does building control need notice or will the structual engineer calculate everything and inform certificates etc just want it done right and legal so plenty of info much appreciated, thanks
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    Becoming a corgi registered boiler engineeer

    A lot of my customers still call it corgi so dont be put off by the lack of advice because of the word corgi!! Research it thoroughly and work hard at it and then youll be qualified etc..
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    underfloor heating advice...

    Thats what im thinking. Is it possible though just to tee of the flow and return?? As im thinking its the builder who can have the issues with the customer not me.
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    underfloor heating advice...

    Advice needed on connecting up underfloor heating.. Floor space is 18m2 in a conservatory and polypipe has been laid in 12mm. Builder has advised just to literally feed the 2 pipes into the flow and return on worcester combi using normal rad valves, as if it was a normal radiator! Any...
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    Removing emulsion from wall before tiling

    Dont use PVA as above!!!!
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    regulations regarding new window install..

    Thanks you have made it more clear to me in 3 words than the builder who came around for 30 mins! Thanks again
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    regulations regarding new window install..

    We live in a conservation area and are getting quotes for a new window to be fitted. Theres no opening at the minute so brickwork removal needed. Im not to sure about the builder who came around.. getting other quotes but would like to know correct procedures myself. 1. Do we need building...
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    Boys toys

    jon paul..
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    Drilling two 25mm holes in a wall tile.

    use offcuts of plasterboard (if any to hand) or start drilling it on a slight angle, virtually vertical. Hold the drill with your hand in a bridging position, similar to a shot in snooker.... if you know what i mean.
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    Plastering Courses In Merseyside

    Hi mate im from liverpool myself and im a plasterer, i know you said your budget is limited but i cant honestly recommend anyone other than goldtrowel based in essex. Costs add up when you factor the course cost, B&B, travel expenses, food & drink, time of work etc, but if you was seriously...
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    Fair price?

    How can you say he will do it in 2 days... what if he takes 4/5 and the brickwork is immaculate!! compared to a 2 day job which looks ok-ish. What would you prefer..... and everyone knows dont always go for cheapest quote. No doubt someone will come out and quote £300 all in..