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    Expanded Polystyrene Sheets Directly Under Laminate?

    You have received 2 good answers, what more do you want? I would insulate below, between garage ceiling timbers. If they are 200mm or more, Rockwool would be fine and easy to do. Then just re-board the garage ceiling.
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    Chimney breast previously removed

    Did you instruct a structural survey, or a valuation? Or something in between? Surveyors have lots of get-out clauses in lots of inspections, so you would need to be very sure they were negligent before trying to claim.
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    replacing a single pole dimmer with a 3 pole dimmer

    Yes that will work. But L1 or L2 would be the supply, and common is the lights. Doesn't matter often, but smart dimmers need it that way.....
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    Cost of knock through

    Part of that cost is the insurance and responsibility, for if it went terribly wrong. Don't forget the cost of the pad stones, albeit not much cost. A day sounds a little quick to me, allowing for propping, demolition, fitting pad stones (And letting the mortar set?!), lifting in steels...
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    Alternative metal to Aluminium Coping

    I discovered the other day that Liniar PVC fascia is available in some widths 'double sided', and in 5m lengths. I'm thinking that could be an ideal low cost solution.....
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    Flashing flat roof skylights - please help

    Fitted it as the instructions said it needs fully fitting and then flashing all the way up. The top glass can be easily removed. Pre-formed corners don't work (as above), as the little kerb (?) at the base stops them. Thanks, annoying thing being in Jersey is everything needs ordering in, so...
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    Flashing flat roof skylights - please help

    Hi all, I feel I've bitten off more than I can chew with fitting my EDPM roof. I am struggling with how to finish off the skylights. I cut a big X where the skylight was going, and later glued the excess rubber up the sides. But now I need to deal with the corners, and because of the little...
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    Acoustic plasterboard or not? Stud wall…

    Yes, it should be worth it, especially on the work space side. You also want to fill the studwork with acoustic insulation, such as Rockwool RW45.
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    125mm Plastic Ducting - Connecting a new MVHR

    Any insulator is fine , and if you can pack the whole boxing out with Rockwool , including behind if it's a cold wall (Not too tight of course), then it would be fine. If you decided to do them separately, they sell a 20mm Rockwool type thing thats foil covered, and very very itchy. I've also...
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    is this price ok or am I being robbed? (screed)

    Im looking at £2500 for a 50mm screed pumped to cover 68m square. Excluding VAT. And Jersey is typically more expensive....
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    125mm Plastic Ducting - Connecting a new MVHR

    You would do better posting this on BuildHub, loads of good MHRV info on there
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    125mm Plastic Ducting - Connecting a new MVHR

    You want to avoid using flexi ducting if at all possible, or just have a very very short length to reduce vibration. I was able to work mine to just have about 50mm on each pipe, and that was a smooth pipe, sold by BPC Ventliation. What you show on the flat to round adapter seems fine to me...
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    Does anyone know what type of blind would fit in this mount?

    Looks the same as the top of the Roman blinds we have...
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    Cladding over EWI

    And what should be done to protect the insulation boards from the elements? I thought of something like Tyvec, but even with battening I have a feeling it will flap in the wind....
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    Cladding over EWI

    Hi all, I am externally insulating the extension I'm building. Most will be rendered, but 1 wall will be clad in some variant of cement cladding. I am quite unsure what to do behind the cladding though , to protect the insulation board from the weather. What is the done thing please? Is...