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    Ford Ka Clutch Repair

    I have a 2012. 1.2 petrol KA and the pipe that runs between the clutch master and slave cylinders is leaking. Spoke to Ford who say the both cylinders have to be replaced as the pipes are joined in the middlle but moulded in to the cylinders. 450 plus vat plus fitting !!!. Does anyone know...
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    Indirect tank fed cylinder installation

    chris. The tank is live and connected and the cylinder is definitely tank fed as there is no mains cold water supply in the plant room
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    Indirect tank fed cylinder installation

    I came across one of the above yesterday and there does not appear to be an open vent. The cylinder is fed from a tank approx 12 metres above the cylinder in a separate building. There is an A.A.V. and P.R.V on top of the cylinder. Have never seen an installation like this before as it just...
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    masonry damp stain blocker

    Am looking for the above for an internal solid brick wall. The wall is plastered and emulsioned, so ideally one that can be applied directly on to the existing emulsion. The source of the damp has been eliminated. Thanks
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    Loose Patio slab

    I have 1 loose slab in the middle of a large patio. I've lifted it and the cement base is in good condition but approx 3 inches thick. Rather than trying to dig out the existing base and risk loosening or damaging the slabs around it. Is there a construction adhesive I could use to simply stick...
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    HD Media Player

    thanks for the replies. have ordered a cyclone 2
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    HD Media Player

    Evening all. Am looking for one of the above to watch films from an external hard drive or memory stick. Don't want one that streams. Several options on Amazon. Any recommendations ?
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    Windows 10 Caps Lock Issues

    Thanks for the replies. The computer keyboard and mouse are only 6 weeks old and definitely haven't had anything spilled on them. I have swapped the port that the wireless receiver is plugged in to. Will get hold of a wired keyboard and try that
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    Windows 10 Caps Lock Issues

    The caps lock on my desktop has started acting up. The first time i change from caps to lower case or vice versa, it changes but then won't change back. The screen padlock indicator changes but the letters do not. I have tried holding the shift key and typing but this doesn't work either. Then...
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    Norton removal. Windows 10

    Can anyone one help with the above ? I go through the removal procedure and end up with a screen saying 'preparing to uninstall please wait ' 45 minutes later I'm still waiting. ! Is this normal. ?
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    windows 10

    I have recently switched from windows 7 to 10. I have to have encrypted work files which once unencrypted, opened, modified and re-encrypted are saved to a portable hard drive. with windows 7 the unencrypted files could still be viewed by typing IM into the search bar at the bottom of the...
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    vw polo

    Thanks HERTS
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    vw polo

    Thanks for the reply. The garage said they checked the cable and it was o.k. According to VW it's a common problem on the polo but they didn't offer a solution. Really helpful !
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    vw polo

    Got a 2014 polo and the back brakes keep sticking on after I release the handbrake. Had the shoes and drums checked, all ok. The shoes look almost new. Doesn't happen all the time. Usually if it hasn't been used for more than 1 day. Any suggestions ?
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    volkswagon polo

    Evening all. Got a 2014 polo and the back brakes keep sticking on after I release the handbrake. Had the shoes and drums checked, all o.k. shoes look virtually new. Doesn't happen all the time, usually if it hasn't been used for more than a day. Any suggestions ?