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    Drayton Digistat +3...Help!

    Sounds like its knackered, there are issues with these units. Turn the power off, remove the cover from the sender unit and you will see wires in to terminals 1 & 3. Put both wires into the same terminal and your heating should work again until you can replace it. Control the heating by the...
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    Shower Valve Cartridge Identification Please

    Look on showerdoc website and post the pic for a free identification and part number
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    Please can someone help identify my shower??

    Almost any shower hose will fit. You will get one from your local plumbers merchants or DIY store. The size is 1/2 inch BSPT and you will need to measure the length of the old one as several lengths are available. I forgot to mention - unscrew the hose from the shower and check the rubber...
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    Pressure increases when heating turned on!

    The pressure when the system is stone cold should be just above 1 bar. As the system heats up the pressure will rise as the water expands. 2 bars when the system is hot is quite normal. Steve
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    Mains water leak... please help/advise

    Have you checked for a leak yourself? Close the stop cock and see if the disc in the centre of the water meter still spins. I replaced a main last week because the water board told the customer that they had a leak. Once dug up the leak was from where they had installed the meter and joined...
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    Are monobloc tap inserts all the same size?

    My misunderstanding, I thought you said they WERE quarter turn taps :oops: If they are similar to the the taps in the photo a standard 1/2" tap washer should suffice. Steve
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    Stuck stop cock

    Sounds like an air lock to me. Use a wet/dry vacuum on one of the cold taps with the others closed. There are other methods but I have found this to be the quickest. Steve
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    Are monobloc tap inserts all the same size?

    At least 50 different typs available. Take the insert and the tap head with you to a good plumbers merchants.
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    Boiler Ventilation

    The make and model of the boiler that you have has a lot of relevance. The manufacturer will state the ventilation requirements. Having 3 vents in the wall and 1 in the door means nothing without stating the free air space available. My best advice would be to ask you RGI next time you have...
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    Constant Central Heating

    What boiler is it and do you have a hot water cylinder?
  11. P please send me the power point. Thanks Kirk please send me the power point. Thanks Kirk
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    Central Heating / Hot Water Controller Replacement

    You could wire the ch on in the existing programmer to the live terminal. This will leave the ch permanantly on and then allow control on the new RF programmer.
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    Central Heating / Hot Water Controller Replacement

    Yes thats right. You will leave the hot water on timed and the heating on constant on the existing programmer
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    Central Heating / Hot Water Controller Replacement

    Why don't you fit a wireless progammable roomstat and solve both problems? Take a look at the Honeywell RF programmable room stat. Steve
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    Worcester 35 CDI II Boiler HW hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold

    Did you vent the pump when you filled up?