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    Back Garden Boudary

    hmmmm very good point! The thing is I have just has a patio put down so I'm a bit reluctant to have to lift them to dig down into the ground
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    Back Garden Boudary

    Thanks all for your replies. Really helpful. I am getting big plant pots and concreting posts into them and just having them stand freely near the wall
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    Back Garden Boudary

    I have requested the deeds so I will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!
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    Back Garden Boudary

    I'm wanting to attach a fence to the wall that divides my and my neighbour's back garden as it is a low wall and I want privacy for my family. Do you know the law? If she says no then can we still do it? I don't know who owns it in the deeds but she is saying that she is the owner. Let me know...
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    Best Budget Instant Hot Water Tap?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend an instant hot water tap for my kitchen sink? I am looking for one that also has a water filter with it to clean up the cold water too. I have seen the Quooker ones are meant to be really good but a little expensive. Any alternatives?
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    £40-£50k Investing Ideas

    Hi everyone, I currently have £50k in my bank as I have sold a 2nd property I was renting out. I don't want this money to be spent willynilly so I'm looking for investing it. My son thinks I should put it into Bitcoin but obviously that could go very wrong. But on the other hand it could go...
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    Engineered or Solid Wood for Kitchen

    We have been looking for the same flooring and went to Lifestyle Flooring UK but it looks like their website is down. After doing some Googling it turns out they rebranded last year. Luckily the same helpful people just with a different name. Apparently they had to for legal reasons as Lifestyle...
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    Parquet or Plank

    Thank you for this. Great point.
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    Parquet or Plank

    Hi all, I have just purchased a bungalow. It's in need of a full renovation but just doing the planning now. I am wanting to install word flooring (or LVT) throughout as I think it makes a place look bigger. I have seen some really lovely parquet LVT and engineered wood floors and wondering if...
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    What floors add value?

    Hi guys. I am in the process of getting my bungalow renovation planned out. I have heard that the crème de la crème of flooring is solid wood flooring but I have also heard it comes with disadvantages so I have looked into engineered wood. According to...
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    Loft Conversion Debate

    Hi guys, I have been having a debate with someone regarding a loft conversion. On a 2 bedroom bungalow (125m2) worth £300k, how much more value would converting the lift create? The other bungalows on the street have done this and managed to get 1 - 2 rooms up there. My question is, roughly...
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    Engineered or Solid Wood for Kitchen

    Thanks for your advice mate. I have found one that the girlfriend and I agree on. We're going to go for the 190mm Pearl Satin Lacquered Engineered European Oak Wood Flooring 14/3mm Thick
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    Engineered or Solid Wood for Kitchen

    Will the second product here be suitable for the kitchen?
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    Garage Investment

    - Well I never thought of that one either. Thanks for the input mate
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    Manual Tile Cutter for 600mm tiles

    Opps, funnily enough I have this as I needed one for my new bathroom after I sold my Sigma. It's surprisingly good for the price.