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    Repalcing Cold water Tank Float Valve

    John what do you mean the valve drops vertically with the water i.e the water flows vertical down from the valve ?
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    Repalcing Cold water Tank Float Valve

    I'll get a few washers and replace one. Is there a standerd size ? I want to replace the whole thing althought likely to be a simple reason it is dripping. It leaks from the outlet into the tank, even although the float arm is held up as far as possible.
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    Repalcing Cold water Tank Float Valve

    Quick question please. I assume the replacement of this valve is straightforward. 3/4" part 1 HP. I also assume the cold water pipe slides into the brass float valve. However I would like to know what seals the copper cold water pipe to the brass valve body . Is there an olive below the...
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    kitchen tiles.

    Fit all units and appliances and then tile last. Then you can fit the plinths on top of the tiles.
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    Removing floor tiles

    Thanks Richard. Let me get this straight,SBR should be applied to edges of plywood only and then tiles are laid on top of adhesive. Is that correct ?
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    Removing floor tiles

    "SBR; this IS a waterproof sealer" Anyone know where I can buy this stuff ?
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    Removing floor tiles

    I thought the plywood would have to be sealed with PVA. Is that not the case ? "what about sealing the back and edges,priming. None of that to do ?" Can you explain ? Cheers
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    which 8.5 kw electric shower

    Mira is the one to go for.
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    Removing floor tiles

    Ok lads, took your advice and ripped up the floor and replaced it with 25mm WBP, 6 sheets at £34/sheet. Enjoyed swinging that sledge hammer smashing up the old carcases and especially the floor. Thats the floor down now. Next job is down with the plasterboard to fit new noggins for a secure...
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    Replacing Chipboard with 25mm Plywood

    I have listened to advice and decided to replace chipboard floor with 25mm plywood. While in some ways more work, at least I can just rip the flooring up without chiselling the tiles off. Getting the plywood tomorrow. Can I ask a further question. How should the plywood sheets, 2440mm x 1220...
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    Removing floor tiles

    Thanks Richard, don't know about ripping up the floor tho'
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    WBP plyboard over chipboard floorboards

    Why do you need to seal the chipboard ? The tiles are being laid onto plyboard, which is layed on top of the chipboard.
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    Removing floor tiles

    I will be installing a new kitchen soon. I want to replace the existing floor tiles. How easy/difficult will this job be. The tiles are on moisture resistant chipboard. I will be laying 9mm or 12mm WBP before I tile the floor.
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    Worktop Overhang

    The units I am buying are 560mm and the worktop I like, Bushboard Encore, is 650mm. When the doors, 20mm, are added the overhang would be 70mm. Is this too much and therefore I need to look at 600mm wide worktops ? Cheers
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    Bosch Washing Machine Classixx1400 Express

    What is causing a foul smell during the washing cycle only. I am sure it is not the outflow, the smell is only present during actual washing. The Bosch people advised doing a cycle with vinegar, but no this made no difference. the machine is about 2 years old Any ideas ?