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    Pull out platform

    I store my trolley-toolbox just inside the side door of my van. As it can be heavy (say, up to 40kg) it can be awkward to lift both out-and-down and up-and-in. So my idea is to have a piece of ply as a small platform that the toolbox sits on and which then pulls out on runners. I need some...
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    Do I need to turn the water off? Is this a plumbing issue?!

    If you get some paper towel and dry all around the area of the blue tap it should become obvious where the water is seeping out from. Determining where it is leaking from will dictate how to fix it.
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    Big pipes in attic?

    Sorry, the batteries have run out in my crystal ball! :D How big is "big"? How thick is "thick"? Is there any sign of water coming from the "disconnect"? What's on the outside where those pipes emerge through the roof? What are the pipes made of? Are they round or square? They could be...
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    Laminate Floor Expansion Joint size

    I've been asked to help lay a tile-effect laminate floor in a kitchen, covering previous vinyl tiles which are well stuck down. The kitchen is about 4 x 2.5 metres with the units along one long wall and down the sides of the short walls about 1.4 metres. All instructions talk about a 10mm...
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    Single electric light switch

    Switch off the mains and then undo the switch so you can look behind it. If there are just two wires then a replacement is a simple task. If it switches a light which has another switch somewhere or if the mains power is routed through the switches then it can be slightly trickier and you might...
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    Gap between wall and tile

    Have you tiled the floor and have gaps around the edge? Thin slivers of tile would be best but you need an electric tile saw to produce them.
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    Drill Bit Set

    I often find that the case is more useful than the contents on these multi-packs. It's good to have a set of drills for those once-in-a-blue-moon occasions. The ones you'll use more (5mm to 8mm range) can be replaced as and when they melt with decent replacements and gradually the set evolves...
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    Any Handyman Start-up opinions please?

    Hello. I'm giving serious consideration to setting up in business as a Handyman. I know my capabilities (which cover quite a broad spectrum of tasks), have a good selection of tools and have read what other Handymen are offering in terms of scope and prices. I understand the need for...
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    What fixings for a heavy cupboard on a breezeblock wall?

    Just another idea, how about as well as the horizontal battens inside top and underneath the base and fixed to the wall, you could also have an external framework. Two triangles, one each side with a vertical batten fixed to the wall, a horizontal at the bottom coming out from the wall and then...
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    Any opinions on Epdm roofs?

    My upstand is into brick but I guess the principle is the same. A slot is cut into the wall (mortar course for bricks) probably about 35mm deep. This is piped with builders silicone and the edge of the rubber is poked in. Then a piece of metal angle is pressed into the slot above the rubber and...
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    Any opinions on Epdm roofs?

    I have a largish flat roof area (approx. 35m2) which was done in 2001. It is Firestone EPDM over OSB deck. It still looks as good as the day it was laid. It has a 25 year guarantee and I was told that it should last at least 40 years but the product hadn't been around that long to verify the...
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    Understanding the specifications of a laptop

    John Lewis do a good range of basic buying guides including laptops. Other large stores do similar, eg Argos.
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    Combi drill not drilling into brick

    If they're only normal house bricks then they should drill quite easily on hammer setting. Are you sure you've got the rotation direction set correctly? It should be the same direction as doing up screws ie clockwise as you look at the wall.
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    It should be by volume. Don't forget, if you're using all-in ballast then you only have two parts to your ratio - ballast and cement. So 4:1, 5:1 and 6:1 are examples. The footings ratio may be dependent on what the footings are for - a retaining wall, an extension wall, a small garden wall, etc.
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    I think you might be getting your terminology confused. Mastercrete is just cement, not pre-mixed concrete. I'm not sure if it's a regional thing but I don't know why all the quantity calculators split the aggregate and sharp sand quantities when everyone seems to buy it as all-in ballast...