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    this passed a pat test

    Believe it or not this had been passed, I was reliably informed by the manageress that the tester pulled the plug out of the wall and tested it without doing anything else, it passed and he plugged it back ???? was he blind - stupid or just plain dumb
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    do you have any aritech acl 599 info, door access keypad wanting to re programme, thanks

    do you have any aritech acl 599 info, door access keypad wanting to re programme, thanks
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    aritech acl 599

    Does anyone have manuals for Aritech ACL 599 door access panels, I have numerous ones in shops and need to alter the codes but dont know how ?
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    Light Fitting Advice

    Providing it is big enough then not a problem :)
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    Light Fitting Advice

    all you need is an extra connector the sleeved blue / brown wire goes in the L terminal the blue wires go in the N terminal the green / yellow wires go in the Middle / earth terminal and finally the three brown wires go in the extra connector which is the live loop
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    Flat roof fire from torch on felt ?

    1999 I think it was when workers reroofing the Post house hotel at Gateshead decided to go for their snap in the van, they left the tar boiler on which was on the roof. The first anyone knew of a problem was when the service station over the otherside of the A1 rang the hotel and asked them...
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    MCB cuts off

    Put a 40A in there you run the risk of the cable melting ! and a house fire, upgrade the cable and the MCB do a calc here
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    MICC cable

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    MICC cable

    Lovely lovely pyro, I did a full rewire job at a grade 1 listed place a few years ago now and it was all pyro, huge big galv boxes in the attic's full of 10; 20; 30 pyro's going to different room for lighting etc, ball ache to put in but clipped and dressed in properly looks the bees knees far...
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    External Boiler and Which Oil Tank Please?

    Instead of oil boilers have you thought of going down the route of pellet boilers.... damn site cheeper to run than oil, saying that though we have just changed from oil to air source heat pump heating and it fan flippin tastic
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    air source heating

    Just an update really, finally got the system installed one of we have the 900i system. Constant heat output of 54 deg when system is running, 2kw input 9kw output, 2kw standby through flow heater also installed for top up as required for cold days...
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    colour codes

    Also... if there are now two different colours on your installation remember to place the two different colours warning label to your consumer unit...available from wholesalers
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    dado trunking back box

    M.T can be obtained from neweys or edmundsons just to name a couple
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    Is your caps lock stuck ? no need to SHOUT
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    you can get switched sockets you know ! wandsworth do them....unswitched skeleton socket fed by 20a switch next to it all on a double plate, also do a keyed version as well although unlikely in a domestic