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    Preparing wooden floor for 600mm square tiles

    I am considering tiling our bathroom floor. Previously, for similar jobs, I have overboarded floorboards or chipboard floors with 10mm ply screwed down every 100mm, and used a flexible adhesive. So far I have had no troubles with tiles cracking or lifting when using 300 or 400mm square tiles...
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    Help Choosing Soldering Gun For Tabs On Nicad Batteries

    Batteries are usually available with solder tags already attached. The solder tags are usually spot welded to the components of the cells before the cells are assembled. So it's usually just a matter of soldering a wire to the tag on the cell, or soldering the cell tag to a printed circuit...
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    Anywhere to buy threaded pipe and these flanges in uk? and the like may be more useful for your application than pipe fittings.
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    tap fittings

    A 3/4" tap tail will never fit through a 3/4" hole. Pipe fitting thread sizes refer to the bore of the pipe that's threaded, not the size of the thread itself. Allowing for the wall thickness of the pipe, a 1/2" thread is about 3/4" diameter, and a 3/4" thread is about 1" diameter
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    Heat resistant paint - sold a dud I think

    Something like I would run the stove for a while to thoroughly dry and bake the paint that's on there, then clean any loose stuff off with a wire brush before...
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    Soil pipe and toilet plumbing

    A bit of silicone grease on the seals to ease assembly should be all that's needed. No need for sealant. A short gentle slope to the outside is how most soil stacks are installed, and rodent ingress isn't usually a problem. Rodents may become a problem if the integrity of the floor/oversite...
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    Alternative to plastic 82mm soil pipe for air vent

    110mm pipe and fittings are probably more commonly available, and the increase in size would help compensate for the number of bends.
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    Bath waste position - mad design?

    Faced with a bath installation like that, before fitting the tub, I hooked up the taps and waste to tails clipped to the bath frame and legs, extending to an accessible position just behind the bath panel. I connected them to the services there, so it's relatively easy to get to them, or even...
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    vibrating noise when using bath tap only!

    'Tis the nature of a conventional float valve. A theoretically perfect float valve would never close completely, it would just continue to get nearer to closed, but never quite get there, like the old snail climbing a wall problem. Fortunately real float valves are not that perfect, so they...
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    Non-return valve on thermostatic shower

    You can get a good idea of the flow rate you are getting with a bucket and a watch. Just time how long it takes to fill a bucket of known capacity - eg if it takes 30 seconds to fill a 10 litre bucket, the outlet is delivering 20 litres per minute. Your boiler's capacity to heat water may...
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    New Water pipe -25mm

    Chances are that a water pipe buried 750mm deep will be below the foundations of a house old enough to have a lead supply pipe, so you probably won't have to drill through the brickwork. (burrowing down through the floor and any concrete oversite could be a different matter though.....) You...
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    Does reducing the water pipe diameter increase pressure?

    It may sound counter-intuitive, but reducing the pipe diameter decreases the pressure in the smaller pipe. That's Bernouii's principle in operation. To maintain a given throughput, the velocity in the smaller pipe must be greater, and...
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    Ratchet Crimpers

    IME ratchet crimpers are set up to release when the crimp is compressed to the desired dimensions - nothing to do with the amount of force required, except that it will require more force to squeeze a crimp down to a smaller size. 'Proper' crimping pliers have accurately machined dies to...
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    Need to replace bath trap but can't find similar size ends

    The threaded part still attached to the waste pipe is part of the old trap. If you can't seperate the pushfit joint, cut the pipe and replace the whole trap with one of your choice. Use a universal compression fitting to extend the cut waste pipe if needed.
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    Ceiling light pendants

    There is also on the same site, but, again, that will require a suitable cord grip. (The cord grip that screws into the lampholder is sold seperately, as different types of grip are made for different applications)