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  • Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me? I have 18mm thick and 150mm wide solid oak tongue and groove flooring that comes in assorted lengths between 300mm and 1200mm. The room is stepped into 2 x areas that are 3.8m x 7.3m and 3.5m x 4.4m. The sub floor is self levelled and already has a Sika DPM. I want to "float" my solid oak flooring on 5mm green Fibre Board and glue the tongues. Will this be OK? Thanks
    Hi, i have read many of your posts and have learnt a lot, thanks for that, i want to run my installation by you to make sure all is good. Its a lounge/ dinning room 25m square, i will be laying 18mm thick, 125mm wide, random length solid oak tong and groove boards over the original floor boards. The flooring will be laid in the opposite direction to the floorboards. The width of the room in approx 3m. Flooring is fairly level (+- 2mm maybe) and dry. I'm going to float the floor gluing all edges of the tongs and grooves, with a 10-12mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the room. Skirting will then be refitted to cover the gap. I have always used fiber board underlay when i have installed laminate in the past, would this be suitable for solid flooring also? Do you recommend strapping the floor every so often to pull the boards together? Much appreciated
    Hi wondering if you can help me out just moved into a house and teh whole downstairs kitchen dinning and toilet is done in oak flooring but in the toilet it has lifted bad like bubbled up size is 1.3metre x 1.3metre i have found some more flooring a full box been left the only thing is it is chipboarde so cannot replace it as it runs into the kitchen aswell should i just floats it with membrane under it ?
    Any help would be great
    Hiya there, I have just put down new Nicoline Parquet flooring tiles, so far so good, I'm thinking about varnishing them, would you have any idea of what type of varnish to use, no advice on manufacturer's instructions. Also any cleaning fluids best for this type of floor ? any help would be great Regards
    Dear woodlikeyou, thank you for your reply you suggestion of installing it floating over a DPM underlay seems to be the one that will create the least amount of trouble and mess. I have never installed an oak floor floating I have always glued them to the subfloor. Please can you tell me the correct way to install floating (an idiots guide please) my only worry would be that if the boards are not stuck to anything couldn’t they move about a lot or warp. In exchange for your help I am happy to buy all that I need from you (except the wood floor because I already have that) Please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area.
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