1. I

    Underfloor Over Temperature

    Hi. I am new to underfloor heating. I am in a new build. I have two pumps feeding two manifolds connected in parallel and feeding two different ground floor levels. There is a hot/cold mix dial for each so supply hot water is diluted to a lower temperature as I understand. While balancing, I set...
  2. D

    Entry door open chime volume adjustment

    I have a chime on the entry door which sounds on all the internal sounders throughout the house when the door is opened but it is too loud. How do I lower the volume. If there is a specific page in the instruction book, can someone point me to it. I managed to adjust the volume on the keypad...
  3. RonSwanson

    How to adjust this old UPVC door/hinge?

    Our front door has recently started not closing properly. Well, it closes ok, but when you try to lock it, there's a lot of resistance. You have to lift the door via the handle as you turn the key for it to lock. The door seems to have dropped on the right - the handle side. The sections of the...
  4. C

    How do I adjust these doors?

    I have moved in to my gf's house and her front door needs adjusting. The top is catching on the external frame. At first I thought the hinges had covers on but these don't seem to want to come off. I was hoping someone on here knows how to adjust the door There looks like an alan key hole...
  5. bettz1

    Composite door hinge adjustment

    Hi thought I'd ask for advice incase I mess the door up even more. Noticed last few days there's a draft coming through the front door which we had fitted back in May last year. Not sure if you can see in the pic but the bottom of the door looks slightly out as if it needs moving over to the...
  6. RichardW77

    Aluminium external door does not close easily

    Hi, I have an aluminum external door installed, and for some reason it doesn't seem to easily close anymore - it needs a really strong push to get the door past the felts on the frame. Once it gets past this, it does shut properly, and can be locked ok. I'm assuming there is something I can...
  7. R

    UPVC Door Flag Hinge Setup

    I have just installed new UPVC and having a few troubles getting the alignment setup right. The flag hinges on the door looks as below. From the brief instruction sheet I have it seems the bottom adjuster moves the door up / down. The right adjuster moves the door right / left and the top...