air brick

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    Need to add airbrick channel under solid concrete extension - HELP!!!

    Hi All, I have just bought an old 2 story singleskin (no cavity) mid-terraced house that has suspended wooden floors throughout. Ive been hacking away at the ungodly amount of renovations that need doing and come across one that has me stumped... A more recent extension has been built running...
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    Reducing draught from air brick

    I have a terraced house (built around 1900). My office is upstairs and has an air brick near the ceiling. I'm convinced that the office is colder than most of the other rooms in the house because of the air brick. I don't want to get rid of the air brick, but can I part-fill it with something...
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    Quick question about air bricks

    Hi -- I've looked through the archive but can't find an answer to this particular question, so I apologise if it's a repeat. I've just moved into a mid-terrace Victorian house (c.1880) and I'm fixing up the suspended wood floor in the downstairs; this includes putting celotex in between the...