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  1. T

    Air bricks from inside the house

    Hi there My house has high humidity levels and I’m thinking installing air bricks would help (I already have sub-floor air bricks but installing other air bricks higher in the wall might help). I haven’t seen any photos of air bricks from higher up in the wall from inside the house. I’m...

    Lean to Garden Room Concrete Base Air Brick query

    Hi All, Hope you are well, we have recently purchased a property and currently putting some plans in place. One thing we will be doing is putting a addroom on the back (a lean to garden room attached to the house. However i have a dilemma with the air bricks of the original house. In usual...
  3. S

    Air bricks for insulated cavity wall

    Hi. We have a 1950 house which got several years ago cavity wall insulation. After a recent extension most of the ground floor has been filled with concrete flooring and underfloor heating, and the areas which still have wooden floorboards have each an air brick for ventilation. After the...
  4. H

    Victorian damp question

    Renovating our Victorian London terrace. The front garden was built up way too high so we have dig down to below the air brick and plan to lay permeable membrane and then cover with gravel. We have come across what looks like an old drain in front of the air brick (photo attached) but we can’t...
  5. W

    Damp issue in 1900's building with strange ventilation setup

    Hi all First post here. I've searched around everywhere for someone with a similar set up to my place and found nothing so had to ask for myself. I have a ground floor flat of a converted pub built circa 1905 and converted in the mid 90's. It's solid brick wall construction, single glazed...
  6. D

    Porting Air Bricks - Concrete or Substrate?

    Hi All, looking for a bit of advice, I’m planning an extension on the rear of my property and I’ve been advised to port the existing air bricks through which seems sensible. Due to the slant of the ground around the property if I bury the porting pipe work in the substrate (mot type 1) I’ll...
  7. G

    Can an air brick high on a chimney cause damp ?

    Hi I have a damp problem on the ground floor height of a chimney breast. There's an air brick directly above that area on the 1st floor. Is it possible that rain is driving in and causing the damp ? Maybe it should have a hood on it ? Thanks
  8. A

    Airbrick position with ducting tube

    Hello all, I need some help and advice: A building control officer has recommended a builder to use 6" high timber frame joists to be used with 100mm insulation inside the frame as the proposed suspended timber frame joist of 4" high isn't strong enough for the underfloor heating, because of...
  9. S

    Air Brick

    Hi, I have an air brick blocked with another brick. The brick blocking the air brick is supporting the brick above. See photo. Not sure how to tackle this. Any ideas
  10. Beetlebum

    Air brick issue

    Good morning, Just brought a victorian terrace with single skin walls, had a problem at the front with damp but that's sorted now. However I have noticed that the airbrick to the rear is located in a lean to/conservatory type thing which covers the whole width of the property. Not really sure...
  11. G

    damp on floor joists with low ventilation

    hi, i have a 1930s terrace with wet joists on the front wall, it has a full width concrete slab at the rear. there are no vents at the rear i notice some houses have increased the size of the front vents. is that likely to solve the problem ? or does it need flow from front to back somehow ...
  12. E

    Air brick inside clothes wardrobe needs filling in -what do I use?

    Hi all, could use some input on this because I'm a bit of a novice and need to make sure I'm using the right tools for the job! Our house was built in the 1940s and we've lived there for almost 30 years, and little did we know there was a badly filled-in air brick inside my build-in clothes...
  13. denzildexter

    Air Brick Installation

    Hello forum, I could do with some advice on how to fix a problem we have with our 120 year old semi-detached house. The rooms at the front get damp and the companies we've had look at it say that two air bricks need to be fitted. Now since these two companies have been around I've had a closer...
  14. A

    Can I extend air bricks underneath paving?

    We have just removed a patio in our garden because we realised it had been laid on top of decking so the whole thing was moving. We thought we'd take it out ourselves and see what was underneath it before deciding what to do next. The patio was tiles laid onto decking which we thought was a...
  15. J

    Advice please for kitchen extractor installed badly

    Hello all, I'd love to hear people's thoughts please on the kitchen extraction we have going on in our house. We're a typical red brick victorian terrace. 4 years ago our builder built us a nice new kitchen, installing a false ceiling with spotlights etc. They also installed a flue hose from...
  16. C

    Air vents and a lean to

    Hi all, My home has an issue that during its many years of life, number of very questionable building choices have prior to my moving there The worse of which is the lack of ventilation of the space beneath the ground floor. On top of that, the back of the house has a concrete floor...
  17. S


    I've dug out a hearth and would like some advice on installing some joists. Please see photos. As you can see the hearth has left a gap. The front wall of the hearth supports the cross joist. I propose the following 1. Keep the cross joist and leave all existing joists as they are 2. Add...
  18. B

    Blocking Vent into Cavity Wall (w/Blocked Air Brick) - Advice Needed!

    Hi all, Just had our upstairs box room re-plastered - old vent taken off, so now an ugly hole into a void... it's a 1940s property - cavity wall - (filled with hay/straw?) and there is an air brick in there. The air brick appears to be blocked from the outside - can't see through it! - perhaps...
  19. M

    Airbrick in 1950 house opening to a vitrified clay pipe

    Hi, I am sure someone here has seen it before and could explain this to me. I recently unblocked (blocked by some insulation) an airbrick in 1950s house , which 'opens' onto a vitrified clay pipe under concrete kitchen floor. The pipe hoes for about 3 m all the way to the front room (where the...
  20. T

    Insulate uder floorboards, Air Brick & is this 'damp' normal?

    Hi all, One day I will post more on here with aswers rather than questions, but hope someoe has come accross this before, I have taken up the floorboards in our lounge because of woodworm and it being horrendously cold we are goig to put in PIR boards between the joists, 2 part query: In the...