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    Is a dedicated air purifier better than a combo air purifier/dehumidifier?

    Hi all. My question is pretty much what it sounds like - are combo units as good as dedicated purifiers or dehumidifiers, or are they mediocre at both tasks? For context: I have a nasty combination of asthma and hayfever, so I'm planning to get an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove...
  2. A

    Cold UFH run

    Hi, I have an unknown UFH system (not long moved in) that had to have the blending valve replaced due to a leak. I was worried that this would have introduced air into the system so now am looking to refill/pressurise the system (the emergency plumber just did the blending valve and said it was...
  3. B

    Gtech Airam AR02

    Hi all Another Air Ram question. The brushes were not turning so I replaced the broken drive belt and the nylon gear just in case. This fixed it but now it will only turn while not on the floor as in if I put it down to hoover up it doesn't go round. Could it be a motor issue? Bipman
  4. J

    Bath hot tap flow

    Hi, hoping someone can make sense of my problem and point me in the right direction. The hot tap flow on my bath mixer increases if I turn on the bathroom sink hot water tap, close the sink tap and flow decreases again. The bath tap supply comes straight from the combi boiler and the sink taps...
  5. S

    Idea for cooling loft

    Hi. I've got quite a useful loft space that makes quite a good workshop. The problem is that as most lofts do, it gets very hot up there in the summer time. The roof is not insulated which I'm sure would make a big difference however I can't afford to do that. I'm thinking about whether I could...
  6. K

    Air in my system

    Hello, Recently I noticed that my 2 living room rads were not heating up. All other rads in the house were. It was suggested to me by a plumber to turn the valves on all the working rads off only leaving the two living room rads on and they should heat up. Wait 20-30mins and then turn all rads...
  7. J

    Garden office too hot

    I've built a garden office last year and is well insulated, breathable membrane, air gap then cladding for breathable aspects. On the warm side i.e. before internal walls is vapour barrier which I research as the best for stopping moisture in winter, and effectively creating a sealed box. The...
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    possible air in pipes - combi boiler in attic

    Hi. Looking for some advice please. I have installed a new pump in my boiler, I first added some cleaner, let it run for 3 days, drained the system, installed pump, added inhibitor and refilled / vented. (the filling loop is in the attic) All the radiators heat up fine and i have bled all...
  9. thunt

    Pros and Cons - Passive vents in bedroom

    I'm social housing tenant and I had a survey from a company called Airtech as we have condensation on the bedroom windows. Recommendations were to change fans in bathroom and kitchen to ones with a humidistat, and install passive air vents in the 2 bedrooms. The housing emailed me with the...
  10. R

    VERY LO-NG Story - Main Combi heating System. Help needed!

    So begins my sad saga. Like most of us, I like a problem and the satisfaction of solving it and felt capable of doing so as I have had some plumbing experience (Pre Corgi) and have, in fact fitted a complete system around 20 yrs ago (Tho my mate, Bill the Plumber did the final checks) Here...
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    Garage door draught gap

    Hi Folks, there is a pretty large gap in our garage door which lets a lot of cold air into garage. Can this be improved in any way? Picture here:!AvxDFgUHUgNCxFFWrt2bKXIebhqD Thanks folks.