1. A

    Angle of a brace

    When making a ledge and brace garden gate what is the minimum and maximum angle a brace should be positioned at? From what I've read the angle should be 45 degrees or more. If it's more than 45 degrees what is the max range?
  2. B

    Minimum Roof Angles 15 - 20 degrees Tiles

    Hello Basically I would like to use those ACME Sandstorm tiles that 1930's homes have, as it's in keeping with character, etc etc on a extension, but I would like to have a pitch between 15 to 20 degrees, not sure yet on exact angle. But I am unsure if planning will allow such a low pitch...
  3. cwhaley

    Bending 15mm Copper Pipe

    I've had a Google and can't seem to find an answer to this one... Is it possible (using a bending spring) to bend a piece of 15mm copper pipe back on itself 180 degrees? In effect I want to create a U-bend for holding a bottle of wine! The angle of the curve doesn't need to be very acute and...
  4. barnsley7

    Floor trim beading, can't get angle right

    I have some floor trim/beading to go around my new laminate floor, but I'm struggling to get a nice 45° degree angle. I have a mitre saw which has 45° setting but the trim is not flat so I can't get the angle to be flush. Skotia edge by barnsley7 posted 8 Dec 2019 at 3:18 PM Skotia trim by...
  5. T

    painting over plasterboard, what to do around anglebeads?

    Hi all, thought Iit was going to be a real simple job, but the more I start reading about it, the more complex it is becoming! What we need to do is nice and simple (or should be), dry lining the reveals (sides) of a new patio door we have installed. Right now it is bare (and broken) bricks...