Bending 15mm Copper Pipe

10 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
I've had a Google and can't seem to find an answer to this one...

Is it possible (using a bending spring) to bend a piece of 15mm copper pipe back on itself 180 degrees? In effect I want to create a U-bend for holding a bottle of wine!

The angle of the curve doesn't need to be very acute and can be gradual over a span of around 150mm.
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Try and let us know.
Worst case scenario you've wasted a bit of pipe.
Maybe practise on a scrap first.
Try and let us know.
Worst case scenario you've wasted a bit of pipe.
Maybe practise on a scrap first.

I do have a bit of scrap -- just wondered before I had a go later in the week.

I'll do it and post a picture here sometime this week!
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You might be able to bend it, but it will be difficult to get the spring out.
if its for a rack why not a shallow "W" formation then gravity will positions any size off bottle ??
Copper 'work hardens' big could be an idea to bend it so far, and then anneal it by heating it up until its just about to glow and then dunk it in cold water before the next try.
John :)
Thanks a lot for the replies some interesting ideas. I've got a bit of tarnished scrap so I'll do some experimenting and post results.

I have lots of scaffolding boards and 9x2 boards, so in an effort to generate extra revenue I was going to use lengths of these boards with copper pipe as brackets to hold the bottles. I've also been making other bits and been learning different timber joints, so this was just something to add to the repertoire.
You won't get the spring out, ever. Could probably make a decent go of it using pipe benders.
Don't have access to a pipe bender only a bending spring unfortunately. If we don't think it'd work (which, given thought I can understand), maybe I'd be better using elbows to make a 'V' shape bracket attached to the board.

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