1. R

    How should I plaster over this pipe?

    There is a plastic pupe running up the corner of my living room that is chased into the dot and dab wall, it was almost at the surface at the top and caused a big crack. I’ve repaired the crack for now with toupret filler but I’m wondering if there is a stronger method I can use where it is very...
  2. AdFromEssex

    Are these CH or HW pipes?

    Evening all. Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea what these pipes may be, please: House built c1905. Concrete floor (rest of the house has floorboards). These are within a kitchen cupboard that is against the party wall, roughly opposite the original kitchen back-door. The...
  3. I

    Multiple waste pipes

    Hi, I would appreciate your opinions on the best way to proceed with the waste pipes in my bathroom. I've attached photos of the current layout inside and outside. As you can see everything at the moment is lead, which I guess means it was done 50 or so years ago. Pipe 1 is from the basin and...
  4. T

    Is this a gas pipe or water pipe?

    My gas meter has lead pipes coming off it. I need some work doing, but new regulations say that lead pipes cannot be connected to copper pipes. My boiler however has copper pipes coming off it. So, somewhere the copper pipes must have joined the lead pipes before the law made such connections...
  5. D

    Difficulty sourcing replacement 32mm push fit seal in old soil pipe

    I'm putting a washing machine waste on the old sink waste 32mm spiggot/push fit collar on the soil pipe. It looks like the old sink 32mm waste going into the soil pipe was cut to length with a broken roof tile, so the seal is shot. The seat in the old grey 32mm collar is different, so a new O...
  6. D

    15mm Chrome plated copper pipe

    Is it ok? What's it like to solder? Can I put a compression fitting on it?
  7. M

    Earth bonding to water & gas pipes

    Hi I have metal gas and water pipes with an Earth bonding cable going from my consumer unit to my copper gas pipe near the gas meter. The same Earth wire comes off the gas pipe to my copper water pipe. My water stop cock in the kitchen does not have any earth bonding cable. It looks difficult...
  8. bettz1

    Water coming out dishwasher pipe

    Hi just wondered if this was normal busy painting the kitchen cupboards. I've removed the dishwasher piping but noticed when we run the tap in the sink water is coming out the dishwasher pipe, if we run the tap slow it's fine and doesn't overflow out. Is this normal as that would mean the...
  9. Kezzo

    Stack soil pipe issue

    Hello all, I've had a leak with the shower fitting which, which is now resolved. However I had to smash out some tiles to expose the piping. I noticed that my stack pipe is filthy, and wondered why it is has these rust trails (image 1 & image 2). I'm wondering if this is an issue, I'm guessing...
  10. S


    Hello I was looking for the stopcock. I could not find it. However, I found this in the cupboard below the stairs. Can anyone advise me what it is. I guess it is something to do with the water supply
  11. J

    Noise on the pipe when heating goes on and off. Help

    A year ago I got house completely re plumbed with new pipe and heating system. I got system boiler with unvented cylinder. Issue is when heating goes on and when goes of we can hear a very noise on some pipe like TRRRRRR DUDUDUDU ( not easy to explain) This was noted t the plumber last year and...
  12. cwhaley

    40mm to 68mm Pipe Connection?

    Appreciate I've posted a few topics recently, but the help I've had while I've been working on my extension has been really very helpful. This time I'm trying to get my head around the best way to connect the rainwater downpipe and the washing machine waste pipe together (68mm and 40mm...
  13. cwhaley

    90 Degree Flexible Waste Pipe

    Just plumbing in a new downstairs WC in a small extension. Stud walls are up, water feed is connected up and ready to supply the toilet and washing machine but I've hit a bit of a problem working out how to deal with waste from the toilet... The toilet will be backed up against the rear of the...
  14. M

    Risk for a water pipe to collapse?

    Hi, I have attached 2 photos with this message (please ignore the red circle on the second photo, it's not relevant for this issue). The first photo is the bottom of the pipe. The second photo is the top of the pipe. I have this main water pipe inside my flat. It goes from the roof and down...
  15. K

    Gas pipe or water pipe?

    Hi Everyone We are currently renovating an old cottage and I have come across a pipe that partially sticks out of the wall. I am confident working with water pipes and was hoping to cut it back and cap it off before we plaster and put the skirting boards on. However it has occurred to me that it...
  16. M

    Hot Exposed Pipes to radiator

    hello I live in a student accommodation and have a radiator in my room with exposed pipes connected to it .The pipes are always hot even though the radiator is turned of so much so that they boil the room up. Is there a way to make the pipes cold ?
  17. cwhaley

    Fittings for new water feed

    Hello all. Having an extension built and part of that extension will have a utility room with washer, plus a separate WC and an outside tap. The old outside toilet used to stand where the attached picture was taken, with the water supply coming from a branch taken off the main water inlet to...
  18. R

    Bulky pipe under sink

    Hello everyone, We will be installing a new kitchen and would like to simplify somehow the piping under the sink (see attached pic for what we currently have). The brass pipe in the pic controls the water in the house and also an outdoor tap, but it's very bulky and takes up most of the space...
  19. J

    What paint to use for radiator copper pipe outside wall?

    What a good paint not peeling away with the heat for radiator copper pipe? i would need some white and maybe chrome for bathroom. Thanks
  20. G

    How to sink these pipes under floor ?

    Hi, I've got the old ends of pipes sticking up slightly from the floor from the old sink. It would be better if I can cut them and sink them down a bit but access is limited. Is there an easy way of doing this or shall I just find a trim to cover them? I may have to re use them if I get a...