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10 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Hello all. Having an extension built and part of that extension will have a utility room with washer, plus a separate WC and an outside tap.

The old outside toilet used to stand where the attached picture was taken, with the water supply coming from a branch taken off the main water inlet to the house. I want to take from that supply and have each appliance fed from a new pipe, each with its own tap.

I’m confident using compression fittings to complete new runs of pipe work for mains water, however I’m a bit stumped as to how I’d join onto the existing pipe, or even what I’d need to replace it. Fittings look 3/4” and I can see the 45 degree elbow screws into what’s coming out of the house.

My question is: what type of compression fittings would I need to replace that elbow to complete a new run? As you’ll see the brickwork is going to meet the pipe, so the plan is to cut a small section of the block out and have the pipe coming out and bending 45 degrees the left (instead of down, as is currently). From there I’ll have another elbow going down where a length of pipe will feed the new demand.

Apologies for the length of the post — hope somebody can help!


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Would this part be the right connection? I’ve not used male to female couplers and I’m curious as to how to seal is made?


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Don't fully understand what you are trying to do ,but the fitting which currently angles downward is a compression elbow ??
Don't fully understand what you are trying to do ,but the fitting which currently angles downward is a compression elbow ??

The elbow in the picture needs replacing as it’s leaking and facing the wrong direction. I just wasn’t sure what part I needed to replace it.
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It will seal with a couple of wraps of ptfe on the olives.
To change direction rotate it.

Cheers. It’s been battered and pulled around while the builders have connected a hose pipe to it, so it’s started leaking due to the movement. I’ll replace the elbow but just wanted to understand how the seal is made at the end without the compression nut — it looks like the same join a washing machine hose would use so I’m not expecting to see an olive.
There is a nut at each end ,it's just not a conventional hexagonal shape ,but will undo with a spanner exactly the same
There will be 2 olives in that elbow which are mechanically compressed onto the pipe and the fitting seat.
Ah I’m with you now.. I think with all the years of paint people have lathered onto it, I believed it to be an integral part of the pipe protruding from the wall. Plus as terryplumb says it hasn’t got flats for spanners on it.

I fully understand how compression fittings work, but the design of this pipe was throwing me. As long as it’ll undo just the same, I’ll replace it with a new elbow and olives and make the new run up from there.

You probably think this thread a stupid question, but I daren’t remove the fittings while we still need water for the cement.

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