1. S

    Speedfit fittings and copper pipe issue relating to verdigris

    Realise this is an odd question, but I was searching around on the Internet today and I came across a comment from a plumber discussing verdigris caused by the teeth on Speedfit fittings; they are there if you look very closely! He reckoned it wasn’t that uncommon and provided pictorial...
  2. T

    Is this a gas pipe or water pipe?

    My gas meter has lead pipes coming off it. I need some work doing, but new regulations say that lead pipes cannot be connected to copper pipes. My boiler however has copper pipes coming off it. So, somewhere the copper pipes must have joined the lead pipes before the law made such connections...
  3. T

    8mm copper to 15mm plastic connector. Possible?

    I have recently moved house and would like to move a radiator from a side wall, to one below the window as is more pleasing to the eye. I understand why it was not placed under the window, as my house is old and has concrete flooring so would be difficult when it comes to the pipework...
  4. S

    Copper or Lead pipe

    Looks like copper underneath but looks like lead on top
  5. B

    Kink in copper tube, cold water

    I’ve had new cold and hot water tubes fitted, however a plumber mixed them up. I called him back to rectify and he had them swapped. As they now cross over, he decided to bend the cold-water pipe over a joist causing a small kink. I asked him to replace that section but he refused. He said it...
  6. cwhaley

    Fittings for new water feed

    Hello all. Having an extension built and part of that extension will have a utility room with washer, plus a separate WC and an outside tap. The old outside toilet used to stand where the attached picture was taken, with the water supply coming from a branch taken off the main water inlet to...
  7. J

    What paint to use for radiator copper pipe outside wall?

    What a good paint not peeling away with the heat for radiator copper pipe? i would need some white and maybe chrome for bathroom. Thanks
  8. P

    Run pipes behind boiler

    Hi, I have an old traditional gas boiler (two pipe, fully pumped system, if that matters) sitting on the floor and touching the wall, as from the first pic. The second pic zooms in on a hole the boiler has in the rear, leaving a gap with the wall. I am planning to run two 15mm copper pipes...
  9. George Hartshorn

    Underfloor heating advice

    I'm undergoing a renovation project and looking at installing some underfloor heating. It is a lower ground floor flat with a concrete slab for a floor. It's approx 50sqm and consists of a open plan kitchen/living room and a large bedroom. The current central heating system pipes are copper...
  10. T

    Fitting for gas hob

    We are having a gas hob installed by a gas safe plumber on a labour only basis and I need to source something to connect to the 1/2" male thread on the hob to the pipework. I was under the impression that any 1/2" female fitting that will join to 15mm copper by solder or compression fitting...
  11. cwhaley

    Bending 15mm Copper Pipe

    I've had a Google and can't seem to find an answer to this one... Is it possible (using a bending spring) to bend a piece of 15mm copper pipe back on itself 180 degrees? In effect I want to create a U-bend for holding a bottle of wine! The angle of the curve doesn't need to be very acute and...
  12. T

    What is the worth of a good torch for soldering pipe

    I attempted my first few solder joints on some bits of scrap pipe at the weekend with view to replumbing the house in the near future. I tried end feed and Yorkshire style joints. I was just using a small kitchen chef's torch but even so I got on better than I expected. I had thought I would...
  13. N

    K Type copper? (duplicate thread, please see "plumbing and heating")

    Started a job today in a very old house and have come across what looks to be K type copper. The inner wall of the copper is extremely thick and nothing will take to it other than a transitional coupling which I cant use because it is on the hot and it cannot be guaranteed that it would hold. I...
  14. cwhaley

    Copper item behind fireplace

    I have installed a hit and miss vent in the kitchen chimney breast as the flue is uncapped and we were getting a minor efflorescence on the plaster. Unfortunately I still can't get an airflow so presume the soot and rubble in there is blocking any movement of air and is probably just absorbing...
  15. S

    Possible radiator pipe oxidisation

    Hoping for some advice about something I just noticed on a few of our radiators. Some of the pipes have what appears to be oxidisation (I'm guessing based on the turquoise colour) although there are no obvious leaks. The turquoise residue flakes off when touched but can't be totally cleaned...
  16. D

    Boxing in waste/copper pipes - is there a modular option?

    It's been many years since I last sorted a bathroom but, sadly, the bullet must be bitten. Obviously, in the interim it's been realised that the faffing about with custom built boxing-in option is laughable, and a versatile off-the-shelf modular option for hiding the pipework away has become...
  17. eveares

    TLC's UTP CAT5e cable is Copper Clad Aluminium!?

    According to this page and TLC's printed brochure, the 50M and 100M cuts of the internal UTP CAT5e cable are CCA over 0.5mm Aluminium and are not pure copper. Despite reading online that CCA CAT5e cable is non compliment, I can't find anything in the TIA-EIA-568-B.2 standard what says solid...
  18. D

    Chanigning radiator.

    Evening all, I have taken the decision to change my bedroom radiator, its only a single type 11 currently and just is not producing enough heat. I think imp going to op for the type 21 not 22 as the larger one will be overkill and stick out from the wall 107mm as its a Barlow from screw-fix...
  19. eveares

    What sort of fitting is this?

    What sort of fitting is shown in my photo below and is it maintenance free in the sense that it can be buried behind plaster? It certainly does not look like your typical soldered joint or compression fitting. Mine also freely rotates. Fitting before radiator valve: Type of fitting? by eveares...
  20. O

    Getting hot water into part of a heating system

    Complex setup- short version, I've put the pipework in for 2 radiators 'cos I wanted to hide the pipework in ceiling and stud walls, there's no boiler fitted and no rads fitted to the ends of the pipework yet (got to finish insulating the ceiling & let BCO have a skeg at it before I board and...