Chanigning radiator.

23 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom
Evening all,

I have taken the decision to change my bedroom radiator, its only a single type 11 currently and just is not producing enough heat.

I think imp going to op for the type 21 not 22 as the larger one will be overkill and stick out from the wall 107mm as its a Barlow from screw-fix, the current pipework is 10mm however on the lock-shield end it has a 15mm adapter fitted and on the trv its a straight 10mm with what would appear to be a reducer inside the nut.

I was wanting to change all the fittings but "wait for it" not drain the system nor freeze, to save costs really, i have a magnetic cleaner under the boiler, what i'm thinking is if i shut that off to close the system and drain off a pint or so i should create a vacuum and then be able to just change the fittings without flooding the place.

I'm asking in general if anyone has ever worked on "live" pipework and quickly changed the valves over.

Also does anyone have a simple method of hanging a radiator?


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Often possible to change valves without draining, provided only one is done at a time. Usually works. The amount of water to remove will vary considerably. Evil annoyances such as automatic air vents must be considered first.

As for hanging the radiator - measure radiator, measure wall, fix brackets to wall, place radiator on brackets. How could it be made difficult?
Your plan is doomed if open vented. You would need to cap vent and feed and expect a lot more than a couple of pints.
If you have "play" on the flow and return pipes for the rad, you can close both valves, loosen the unions or ferrule nuts nearest the rad with old towels underneath each; carefully lift the rad off the bracket hooks and rotate it towards the floor so that its top is on the floor and bottom still raised and connected to valves, support it throughout. Place a receptacle under each Union and undo fully, catching the overspill. Raise rad fully upside down and tilt it to empty some of the water into a bucket. Then take outside upside down. You can then deal with the valves one at a time.
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Well thank you guys for all your reply's, i appreciate the advice, Flameport i can see clearly your a very experienced person on here with over 5000 messages and i thank you for your advice, but i did want to say in response to your last comment about how hard is it to hang the radiator, i have personally never done it before so yes i haven't a clue and just wanted some reassurance on doing it, making sure i had the height correct so it lines up with the vales etc and asking if there was a easy way to get it all correct, personally and i don't want to start an argument here i thought your comment how could it be made difficult was a little harsh, people come on here for a reason, everyone has a different set of skills and need support/help a comment like that puts people off coming on here, we need support not negativity.

I however want to reiterate i appreciate your help and don't want to fall out with anyone :)

Thanks again all

Daniel... Plumbers are a gruff breed - we have to be, considering some of the places we have to get to, put our hands etc o_O
If you worked with one on a daily basis, you would quickly develop a very thick skin.
Please do not take offense.
Welcome to the Lions' den :sneaky:

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