1. V

    Radiator Recommendations?

    I'm planning to replace a couple of basic single radiators with double ones (Type 22) and wondered if anyone can recommend a good brand. The main options seem to be Kudos Premium or Stelrad Accord Compact. Thanks.
  2. bettz1

    Problem with 1 radiator not heating

    Over the weekend we had a plumber come round and take off the small radiator from our ensuite and fit a towel radiator. I'm abit unsure as he never put the heating on to test etc so when he went we switched the heating on to make sure all was ok. We've noticed that the small radiator...
  3. bettz1

    Changing small radiator for towel radiator

    Hi would it be possible to change our small radiator for a towel radiator. We've always thought its too close to the toilet especially to hang towel above. Would this be something I could do or would I need a plumber? Ideally we'd like to move it more central but behind the radiator we...
  4. A

    Radiator lockshield valve - what type?

    Hi. I need to remove a radiator but just need to check - the lockshield valve seems to have an adjustable cover. It won't come off and has + and - signs on with arrows. If I turn it in the minus direction will that isolate the radiator? (Obviously also turning off the thermostat valve). I...
  5. R

    Smaller radiator - height / width

    Hi All, Need some advice. Looking to change a radiator in a room. Current radiator is Type 11 / single panel, 600 x 1440. Want to replace it with a Type 21 500 x 1000. Can that be done without having to replace the plumbing & piping (ie pulling up the floor boards). Can the new smaller...
  6. R

    Tiny radiator leak... fixed itself??

    I've replaced an old Type 22 double panel radiator in our living room with a nice 2 column oxford one, I managed to find one with matching centres so didn't have to mess with any pipework. When I first filled it up and checked for leaks there was tiny bead of water right where the valve...
  7. Ks321

    Identify Radiator brand

    Hi Can anybody please identify the brand of radiator by this logo. Thank you in advance. I need to replace it and want the same size/make. Can you also tell me if the silver extension looking part would be part of the radiator or is it some form of pipe extension to make it fit? The radiator...
  8. T

    How do I get this radiator thing off (pic included)

    I removed some radiators in my house and would like to sell them. There is still part of the old valve attached though which I would like to remove. On the image you can see part of the valve that spins on the spot when spun. However, that's not the issue. Inside the radiator this piece is...
  9. T

    Draining down coz non-working CH rad. Re-use the same water?

    Hi Householder here. Non-expert. Central heating circulation. One of my (total three) radiators doesn't get hot. It is full of water (no air). There is a regular lockshield value at one end and a TRV at the other. They are both open. I have checked the spindle in the TRV (FAQ6). The...
  10. M

    Radiator has come out of the wall

    Hi guys I need your help I had somebody come in and skim my walls in my bedroom. He has stood on the radiator and it's come out of the wall . I only found out about a week after I paid him and he refusing to take responsibility , claims it was already like that . Impossible as I had new...
  11. rayleigh20

    Moving a radiator

    Hi. In the process of changing bedroom around and want to move radiator from bottom of bed to outside wall, either in corner or under the window. Can the feed pipes go along the top of the skirting board rather than having to take the carpet and floorboards up. Is that ok as a permanent...
  12. P

    How to plumb in a type 22 radiator for an old type 11?

    Hi. I'm thinking of doubling up an old radiator. Thing is the inlet and outlet pipes as the radiator will stand off the wall by double the current amount. I have 10 mm microbore copper. Now it's standing off ~40 mm and I need to go to 83 mm. Also the radiator can be dropped by 50 mm to fit in...
  13. C

    Radiator corrosion around blanking plug (photo)

    My radiator is a bit corroded around the blanking plug, see photo - flaking paint, green and white flakes. Do I need a new rad (soon? ) or is there a (temp) fix? Lately there is some air in the system and I found this as the potential source.
  14. D

    Towel Radiator Bleed Valve Query

    Hey, So I have this kind of Tower Rad installed: https://victoriaplum.com/product/the-heating-co-santa-fe-traditional-radiator-952-x-659 As per the pictures attached it doesn't use the standard 1/2” BSP valve size, what is it using? I am guessing it is a 1/4? Cheers
  15. R

    Vertical radiator banging (another thread)

    Hi, apologies for another thread about radiator banging. I’ve read the others and I’ve tried the main suggestion of balancing, but no matter what the settings are my radiator still makes the noise. We’ve had a new vertical radiator installed (and a new Worcester combi 6 months ago), when the...
  16. S

    Radiator noise

    Last week I had a new boiler fitted. Its external and no controller fitted yet so I have to switch on/off at wall.. whenever I adjust TRV I can hear the water flying through the rads... not the bubbling noise of air just a loud whooshing noise... this didn't happen with old boiler but this one...
  17. T

    What is this and how can I remove it?

    I have removed a radiator from my living room wall. The wall brackets were done in a way I have not seen before. Instead of being screwed into the wall, they had a nut holding them into a bolt that was coming out of the wall. I can't seem to remove these bolts from the wall, they just spin...
  18. P

    Earth wiring for new Electric Heater

    Hi, I am currently trying to install a new ......... (blyss wall - mounted panel heater 1500w (195jk) and I noticed that there was no earth cable for the new (heater). Upon checking the manual again I saw that it says 'this product is double insulated and must not be earthed. If there are any...
  19. J

    Viessmann Vitodens 050 F2 fault after replacing radiator

    System worked fine before, in fact it’s only 18 months old and was just serviced. But I just took off a radiator to redecorate and after putting it back on and filling it up I have at F2 fault. When turning the hot water on, the temperature goes up past 100 and then the F2 appears. So it...
  20. O

    Replacing a radiator and valves

    I'm thinking about replacing a rather boring radiator with a "designer" one, just for cosmetic reasons. My question is; can I easily replace it with a slightly smaller one? The pipes are coming up through floor tiles (see picture) and I really don't want to dig those up in order to move them...