1. J

    Need (hopefully simple) help!

    Hi we moved into our house last summer and it wasn’t until winter we started having problems. We couldn’t get the radiators to work until my dad came around and fiddled with loads of stuff on the boiler and the radiators. To his credit it worked but now we can’t get the radiators to go off and...
  2. Greg_0ry1

    Traditional Bathroom Radiator

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a brand new Traditional Bathroom radiator (Seen in my attached image) but the amount available online is mind blowing so was hoping someone could give me good advice what is a good brand and what should I avoid. Here the criteria: 1. Measurement around 600mmx900mm...
  3. R

    Reasonable quote for changing a rad?

    Hi all, We've sourced 2 new rads that we'd like installed in place of our 2 existing ones and have been quoted £350 for getting them swapped over, I wanted to get the opinion of any plumbers/people in the trade to understand if this was in the right ballpark as it sounded a little steep but...
  4. T

    Cost of relocating radiators

    Hi folks, I'm weighing up the cost of relocating 5 radiators in a 3 bed semi-detached house. Presently, for each room, the radiators are on walls that are either adjacent or opposite to the window. The house does have double-glazing, but even so, conventional placement would have these...
  5. Phil Smith

    Heating is on, Radiators are switched off but still getting hot?

    Hi, My heating is switched ON. 3x of my radiators TVR valves are OFF. BUT the radiators are still coming ON. I’ve checked the TVR valve and they are working, the pin is opening and closing they are ok. It seems really odd that this problem started at once, any idea what this could be...
  6. T

    Hobson's Choice

    Hi folks, I’m facing an issue and I’d appreciate your help. I have a conventional (gravity fed) central heating system with a water tank in the loft, a hot water cylinder and a diverter valve in an airing cupboard. My issue concerns my bathroom radiator and when it gets hot. It’s like this...
  7. R

    Is there any problem with changing this radiator to a vertical one?

    So I have an overpowered wonky 1200 x 600 x 100mm radiator under a window and I'd like to replace it with a vertical radiator to the side of the window. I'm in a new build with double glazing and insulated cavity walls as well as floors/ceilings. The old radiator was probably about 6500BTU at...
  8. pappoo

    Trv's not working

    Hi all, I just moved into my home and realised that none of the TRVs in the home are working. I turn the valve but the temp isn't adjusting nor will the radiator turn off. I have a hive thermostat which is working fine. The rads do turn based on the timer. But the individual TRVs don't work...
  9. helenamy

    Radiator cold at the bottom

    Our radiator in our living room is only luke warm at the bottom and boiling hot at the top. The pipe into the TRV valve is only slightly warm and the lockshield valve is boiling hot. We had the radiator refitted after some plastering around October last year. The radiator is the closest one to...
  10. E

    Noisy Radiator Clicking

    Have recently moved into a new house and the radiator in our master bedroom clicks like hell when heating up and cooling down. Searched on here and tried everything below but nothings worked. I’ve traced the sound as best as I can, and whilst I can hear/feel it mostly from the TRV pipe side it’s...
  11. B

    radiator not working after bathroom renovation

    Hi, I recently had my bathroom renovated (including installation of a new towel rail) and ever since a radiator in one of our bedrooms has stopped getting hot. The only way we seem to be able to wake it up is by turning the overall heating up REALLY high. Any idea what it might be? It has...
  12. F

    Is my expansion vessel faulty?

    Hi All, Need help please. I noticed the radiators upstairs were not getting hot and the top of the towel rail in the bathroom was cold. I bled the air out of all the radiators checking downstairs too and refilling water using the filling loop as i went. I got to having 1 bar system pressure...
  13. W

    TRV valve Help

    Hi I live in a rental and only two of my radiators have TRV heads. There are valves with no heads I am hoping someone will recognise what they are and I can just buy a head and not a whole new valve If anyone can help that would be amazing
  14. R

    Getting an extra rad fitted next to boiler

    I'll preface this by saying I know that its not going to be possible to get an exact price without getting a plumber in to take a look... I've just bought a 1930s semi, in decent condition no real work needed on it right now. The only thing is the house only has 5 radiators including a towel...
  15. B

    Vaillant Ecofit pure display radiator symbol on when central heating off

    We have an EcoFIT pure boiler and have not yet turned on our central heating at the main control but the display on our boiler shows the radiator and tap symbols on permanently. I've never paid much attention to the boiler display before so I'm not sure if it's always been like this, but from...
  16. I_JL96

    Balancing radiators with old valves

    I am currently in the process of balancing my radiators. Most of my radiators are new and have new valves, however two of them are old and have these valves on them. Are these lock shield valves? And if so how can I turn them for balancing? These older radiators are heating up super fast and...
  17. learninghowto

    Can't screw backnut to the lockshield valve

    Hello all. I am trying to install a radiator and I am stuck in the last step. So, for whatever reason, I can't tighten the backnut with the olive nut and the lockshield valve. I can't figure out why this is happening. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  18. J

    Electric Radiator Repair "Elkatherm"

    I recently moved into a house that has three wall mounted electric radiators. They are made my a German company called Elkatherm. They are very simply and just have a temperature knob and a red light to show when the radiator is on. Two of the radiators no longer heat up even though the...
  19. C

    Compatible TRV heads for ancient British Gas/Celsia TRVs

    Hello, I’m wondering if you clever people can help me track down some compatible TRV heads. I now have three that don’t work. The valves and pins work fine so I was optimistically hoping to be able to just replace the heads. They have British Gas or Celsia branding written on the top and I...
  20. V

    Radiator Recommendations?

    I'm planning to replace a couple of basic single radiators with double ones (Type 22) and wondered if anyone can recommend a good brand. The main options seem to be Kudos Premium or Stelrad Accord Compact. Thanks.