Radiator leaking

15 Oct 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We found out a red little puddle under the radiator and I found the source. The radiator has been bleed so no air in it. 09 is a picture from the bottom of the radiator,14 is where the leak is coming from, the top of the radiator and 30 is to give a little bit more of context where it's coming from. Do you know guys how to fix this? Is it hard? Can it be fixed or should we replace?



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Sometimes they just rust from the inside outwards.

As above, replace it, it isn't going to improve on its own, it will only get worse.
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Easy to replace if you DIY unless you struggle to get a like for like replacement, even then, it's not rocket science to fettle the new rad and plumbing to suit.

However, you should consider the cause here. Perhaps your system has no inhibitor in it in which case you need to correct that.

And then this may be the 1st of many to follow suit.

I'd drain the system down and remove all the rads and clean them out and check for other leaks etc. your system may be clogged up as well.

Again, easy enough with a little thought.
Thanks everyone for your help!
In the end I bought a new radiator that I'm swapping as soon as I get it.

Is it as easy as just replacing it? I mean remove the old one, and install the new one? I got a new Bleed plug and cap for the radiator, and getting PTFE tape for it as well.
Do I need to add water to it? or any other liquid?
What happens if the pressure goes down in the boiler?

Is it as easy as just replacing it?

You may find it is narrower than the old one, in which case you can buy a range of extenders.

Do I need to add water to it? or any other liquid?

The water will go in, as you bleed it.

What happens if the pressure goes down in the boiler?

You may need to top up the pressure, if it's a sealed system. If you don't know when inhibitor was last checked, added - then add some to help prevent radiators rusting.

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