1. lworbey

    How to heat a house without gas suggestions

    I am intending to move house later this year and was intending to buy a house that needs renovating and has space to extend. I intend to remove any gas supply for various reasons including the gradual move away from gas and the fact that although I cannot generate my own gas, I can generate...
  2. C

    Nest 3 / Easicom 28

    Hello, I’ve been going round in circles on this and could really do with some help! I have a Glowworm Easicom 28 Boiler which connects to a Glowworm thermostat in my hall. I would like to instal a Nest 3 to improve efficiency (and because the controls on the thermostat are very clunky). I think...
  3. M

    Central heating installation HELP!

    Good afternoon all, I am soon to have a new combi boiler fitted to provide central heating and hot water (currently just have an old hot water boiler). I am in the process of fitting my central heating system pipe work, and I am hoping for some advice. I have drawn up a picture below of what...
  4. S

    Connect Baxi Solo 2PF to hive

    Im an electrician trying to connect Hive to my Baxi solo 2PF boiler but the hive diagrams dont match the available terminals and I dont understand enough about boilers to chance guessing at it and frying the mother board. Please help! (Diagrams and boiler terminals attatched)
  5. J

    Hot water making the central heating system gurgle

    System: Condensing Boiler downstairs, and hot water tank upstairs, with an external pump and expansion vessel. Closed S type system. 11 radiators in the house The heating is on a timer for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening during the week and all day at the weekends The...
  6. J

    Internally insulate wall

    Hey, I’m looking at doing a project house, it’s a 1960’s ex council house, i believe it has a non insulated cavity wall & I’m thinking of internally battoning off the walls and adding celotex in between to help keep some heat in, will this work without causing any kind of sweating / damp...
  7. M

    Vaillant AeroTherm U.K. vs EU version?

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the Vaillant AroTherm Plus 7k sold in the U.K. vs the EU model? I can see that there’s a huge price difference with items such as the VRC 720 F wireless controller and that generally speaking the AroTherm Plus is sold separately to...
  8. CrazeUK

    Economy 7 and Storage Heaters

    Hi All. I have a flat (3 Bedroom, Lounge Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway) that is currently supplied by Ecnomy 7 electric. There is no gas supply to the proeprty. The primary heating method is via Storage and convection heaters and Hot water on E7. We are a family with young kids, so the property is...
  9. S

    Radiator leaking

    Hi all, We found out a red little puddle under the radiator and I found the source. The radiator has been bleed so no air in it. 09 is a picture from the bottom of the radiator,14 is where the leak is coming from, the top of the radiator and 30 is to give a little bit more of context where it's...
  10. D

    System boiler & control recommendations & advice

    I’m struggling to choose my system boiler and controls, between all of the different brands, smart thermostats and technologies, I’m confused. Physical set up is as follows: System boiler and 210l Indirect unvented gledhill hot water cylinder 12 radiators across 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, 3...
  11. S

    Advice for radiator pipework first fix

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little advice regarding my self build. I am planning on fitting all of the radiator pipework myself but have not yet decided on whether I am having a combi boiler or a solar heated water tank for my hot water or even a combination of them both or something else...
  12. ScottLee07

    Danfoss TP4000 Temperature Limits

    Hi all, I seem to be having issues with my thermostat (temperature limits). basically when im trying to change the temperature it only allows me to go as low as 19c before off and as high as 20.5c this isnt ideal. other wise the heating comes on fine but i would like it hotter and colder than...
  13. J

    Understanding how my boiler operates

    Hi, First of all apologies for having zero knowledge about any of this… But our energy bill was through the roof this month. Both these switches by the main boiler in cupboard were on. Then there’s this other one in the kitchen. I just need some understanding of how this set up operates...
  14. T

    Luke warm radiators - on Rad + UFH System

    Our house has a heating system identical to the one pictured. System boiler with unvented HW cylinder, upstairs radiators (12 of them) and about 100 square meters of UFH. All separated by individual 2 port valves. We've recently been renovating the far end of the house (and far end of the...
  15. M

    Danfoss FP715 Si >> Drayton Wiser Kit 2

    Hi, I have recently moved into a 3 story terraced house built in 2011. When I moved in, the house utilised a danfoss heating system that I wasnt familiar with. Inside the airing cupboard (which is situated on the top floor) was a danfoss FP715 Si 2 channel programmer for heating and hot water...
  16. RhysM96

    Thermostat change

    I am currently redecorating and the thermostat in my property looks ancient and yellowed. I found a nicer looking one, not too expensive on Amazon and wondered if the current wiring( Black,Brown,Grey and Ground) are compatible and in which way it should be wired. Thanks
  17. R

    EPH Controls to Drayton Wiser Wiring -

    Evening all, I've just bought a Drayton Wiser Kit 1 to replace my EPH Controls (RF1A-OT) and just want to clear something up with the wiring. Here is the current wiring setup: And here are the instructions for the Drayton Wiser Kit 1 (Combi Potterton boiler) Am I missing anything from the...
  18. C

    Underfloor heating inhibitor.

    We have a Daikin Air Source heat pump feeding our hot water and under-floor 8 port manifold heating system. The Daikin has just had its annual service and the engineer commented that the water looked discoloured and that the inhibitor needed replacing?? Is this an easy procedure? I'm pretty...
  19. F

    Heating not working as it should

    Hi, we have our heating split across 2 levels - we can control the heating for each floor. On the Horstmann panel in the middle, there are 3 settings - heating upstairs, heating downstairs and water. I leave the heating settings on all the time, but the water is on a timer. My understanding...
  20. P

    Heater not working

    I wondered if anyone could shed some light, I recently installed a Dimplex Quantum QM50 and it was working with no issue. I came home one day after work and realised the heater had shut down, it had worked in the morning so had charged on the off peak. I realised the plug socket in the wall...