1. MP1

    UVC for small outbuilding

    Hello, Please could someone recommend a small, wall mounted, 60-80L UVC for small outbuilding office / gym? I need hot water for a shower/steam unit and a bathroom sink. Many thanks!
  2. P

    Aged heating system

    Hi guys Could do with picking some brains. I am currently stripping out a bathroom which will involve moving some radiators around. I pulled the bath out today and found that both the main flow/return pipework has been looped together via reducers at the end of the line and tucked away behind...
  3. P

    Gurgling heating system

    Hi, My heating system is gurgling rather loudly, suggesting it's got a large amount of air in it. I've been bleeding the radiators religiously and recently also installed automatic bleed valves (like these https://www.easyfitisolator.com/aladdin-autovents). However, the system remains noisy...
  4. R

    Any expereinces with Single Room Heat Recovery?

    I'm renovating a drafty old house (draughtproofing, interior wall insulation, new windows, etc.) and installing an ASHP to run radiators. I'm now looking towards the kitchen more specifically. I'm aware of the need to have good ventilation and air exchange in the kitchen, but am reluctant to...
  5. H

    How to improve thermal efficiency of one room?

    Just looking for some advice, we have a detached home built in the late 90’s that has both cavity wall and loft insulation and a mix of single and double radiators. The boiler was replaced 4 years ago. The South West corner bedroom is exceptionally cold in cooler weather and exceptionally warm...
  6. martinwb

    Dimplex Duoheat

    Hi folks, My house is up for sale and due to complete in a few weeks time. It has been vacant for a few months and noticed that the Livingroom Dimplex Duoheat (14 years old) has no lights on the control panel (top right 10 lights). The heater has two power supplies and an electrician that has...
  7. R

    Replacing old thermostat with Hive.

    Sorry, I really have spent about an hour looking online for the answer and just can't find anything. Boiler = Worcester Greenstar 28i (dial/timer in the middle) Old thermostat = Siemens Landis & Staefa RA02 New Thermostat = Hive single chanel active heating. The old thermostat is in another...
  8. J

    Has this been carried out properly?

    I'm hoping some kind soul might be able to comment if this workmanship has been carried out properly? Situation is: previously an open vented system which has been converted to a sealed system (the benefits of which I'm still unclear on). As such, an expansion vessel was positioned in the...
  9. Boo Carter

    Hive - Boiler only fires for water

    I recently installed a hive dual thermostat to work alongside my Worcester Greenstar 34Cdi classic. The water side of things works perfectly. Boiler fires up, hey presto. The heating however does not fire the boiler. The heating only works if the water is on as well. Anyone got any ideas. Please...
  10. L

    Replace Honeywell Programmer and Room Stat with Nest 3rd Gen

    Hi Looking for some advice....I have just purchased a Nest 3rd Gen and are looking to install myself. I have a Honeywell ST9400C programmer for heating and hot water positioned next to my oil fired Firebird Combi boiler. I also have a Honeywell room stat. I have photographed the existing...
  11. I

    Tube heater in loft conversion

    Hello, we are purchasing a house with a dorma loft conversion. It looks to have been done to a high standard and very well insulated. However, the central heating has not been extended into the converted loft. I suspect because the boiler is located in the basement. We don’t want to use as an...
  12. Morley333

    How do I repressurise a Heat line Vizo 24?

    The boiler won't ignite and the pressure gauge is just below 1. I've watched loads of YouTube videos on how to increase the pressure, but I can't find a video that shows a boiler like mine. Can anyone help me?
  13. A

    Leave 22mm or replace

    I've replaced my old radiators and rejigged where they sit in the rooms (two smaller spread apart rather than one huge). The existing system now has a 4m length of 22mm that feeds two radiators and just doesn't need to be that size. Would the system run better with the pipe reduced to 15mm or...
  14. nmg196

    What is the impact of removing cold water tanks from the loft?

    I'm considering a loft conversion in my house as as part of adding an extension. However right in the dead centre of the most useful space, are the two tanks for cold water and central heating. If I have an open vented setup, what is the least I can do to convert to mains pressure and remove...
  15. Mike15/19

    Lockout Worcester heatslave 15/19

    The problem is more burner related Worcester heatslave 15 19 oil boiler It is a bentone b9 burner made in 1999 With a danfoss bfp 21 l3 oil pump . The boiler will run fine with heating on but about 1 in every 3 or 4 times it goes to start up it will lock out , I will press the lockout button...
  16. KirstyJ

    Someone help me understand my immersion set up!

    Hey! I moved into a new flat recently, and it is fully electric (which is new to me) and taking me some time to figure things out. I'd appreciate some guidance so I can feed back anything I need to my lettings agency. So, I have an immersion tank with 2 switches. I've been investigating and...
  17. George Hartshorn

    Underfloor heating advice

    I'm undergoing a renovation project and looking at installing some underfloor heating. It is a lower ground floor flat with a concrete slab for a floor. It's approx 50sqm and consists of a open plan kitchen/living room and a large bedroom. The current central heating system pipes are copper...
  18. George Hartshorn

    Routing electrics through floor or chase into walls?

    I am purchasing a lower-ground floor flat which currently has all of the plug sockets and wiring surface mounted in trunking. I'm undertaking a renovation project on the house soon so now is the time to get them hidden! I am looking at installing a wet UFH system between a concrete slab and my...
  19. P

    Heating a 20sqm outbuilding in the winter - what do i do ?

    Hi All. I have a 20sqm outbuilding which I use as an office mostly during the day and at night during busy periods, with the current covid situation I am working a lot more from the outbuilding. At the moment, it has one of these designer 2kw wall hung heater, completely useless. I have had to...
  20. B

    Programming ideas for central heating

    Afternoon all, Looking for ideas/ suggestions on programming my central heating. We have a relatively large house with only 2 of us in it most of the time, heating installed is as follows. Downstairs ( hall, living room, open plan Kitchen/ dinning room and family room, WC and i utility all...