1. Careful_Bodger

    Electrolux ESL63010 dishwasher not heating *on some programs*

    It is not the element as it does heat on ECO and 30min. It is still useable! I am guessing 1) programmer/timer or 2) the flexible cable/wiring harness, but I cannot find a decent complete wiring diagram. Service manuals available online do not seem to be designed for the fault-finding DIYer...
  2. georgien

    Loud humming/droning noise coming from boiler

    Our boiler began making a noise at the start of the year so we were meant to be getting a new boiler this year but due to shortages we’re not getting one until January. The noise stopped during the year as we weren’t hearing the house, but last night it started up again. We just want to know if...
  3. Seymour24

    Hive Hw coming on when turn Ch on

    Hi All I was hoping you might be able to help me with a situation. I have recently installed the Hive system which is the dual channel (hw&ch). Our system is a gravity feed Y-Plan system (so I believe). The issue we are currently having is when the central heating is turned on, the light on...
  4. R

    Getting an extra rad fitted next to boiler

    I'll preface this by saying I know that its not going to be possible to get an exact price without getting a plumber in to take a look... I've just bought a 1930s semi, in decent condition no real work needed on it right now. The only thing is the house only has 5 radiators including a towel...
  5. D

    Underfloor heating when the manifold is far away from the boiler

    Hi all, I am planning on doing a wet DIY underfloor heating install downstairs of my property. I have zero experience with the plumbing and electrics side of the install, I plan to get a pro in to hook everything up but want to ask a question to make sure I have not missed anything prior to...
  6. W

    Professional Boiler Advice

    To those boiler installers out there, if a customer asked you to install a boiler somewhere that you knew would block as aspect of the regular service, would you do it anyway or refuse? What would the regulating body do if a complaint was made to them on this?
  7. M

    Hive Not Firing Up Boiler

    Hi, I’m new so apologies if this has been asked/resolved before. I had an engineer install my Hive Heating System yesterday, however, when I try to control the heating from the app or thermostat the receiver clicks on but it does not fire up the boiler. All the lights etc area solid green...
  8. R

    boiler timer

    we have a combi boiler with a timer that is always on. we then use a wireless thermostat around the house to control when the boiler fires up. if we don't want the heating on, we simply drop the temperature on the thermostat to a point lower than the current room temperature, which ensures the...
  9. R

    noob question about how water flows through a rad!

    i've recently balanced my system and learned a bit about inlet/outlet flow, TRVs and lockshields, but something is still bugging me. assuming a system is well balanced, and you're using the TRVs on a towel rail, if you set the TRV to 1 (therefore limiting flow) does this mean that the top rung...
  10. M

    Is an expansion tank needed for the heating

    Hi I'm obtaining a few quotes from different local plumbers. Do I need an expansion tank for the heating if the hot water cylinder has internal expansion and does not require one ? I’m looking at having an Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw boiler fitted to replace my existing one and a Halo...
  11. P

    Preparation of concrete subfloor for wet UFH

    Hi All, I am doing a kitchen extension. 3m X 6m, and like to install wet ufh. need help to decide the best way to prepare my concrete subfloor for wet ufh. option 1: mot + sand blinding + dpm + kingspan + dpm+ concrete + ufh boards (18mm) + ufh pipes + screed + tiles option 2: mot + sand...
  12. Jack Bycroft

    Hive dual to single channel receiver wiring

    Hi, long story short my hive has been wired using a dual channel receiver on a viessmann combo boiler. Since removing the hub as I’m moving home, it only fires the boiler when I boost the hot water on the thermostat. Spoke to hive who said I should us the single channel receiver for the new...
  13. N

    UFH which one best for wooden and concrete floor?

    Hi All, Need expert's ideas. I am extending the house, I would like to go with water-based under-floor heating. The total floor area is 85 sqm and going to use tiles on top of it. I have 50% wooden sub floor (existing floor) and 50% concrete sub floor (new extension). 1. Can someone suggest...
  14. W

    External oil boiler

    Is it possible to install an external oil boiler in an old out door store cupboard? This model does not have a sealed flue available, but then because the space only has the boiler inside it and is not air tight, is this important? I could even replace the door with a louvred door if that would...
  15. W

    Combi or not?

    Hi Can people please offer some advice on the following choice? We are in the process of fixing our old central heating system which is open vented and has almost no hot water pressure upstairs (cylinder and boiler downstairs). Our plumber suggests sealing the system and installing a mega flow...
  16. Z

    Underfloor heating pump wiring

    Hello everyone, i have installed underfloor heating, and cant figure out how to wire manifold pump so that it only turns on with the heating on and not with hot tap water it is a ideal logic + combi 30 boiler. Anyone know if its even possible?
  17. J

    Victorian plumbing column radiators not getting hot

    Hi I recently moved to a new property and we had all the traditional radiators swapped for column ones. I had a heating engineer into fit these, at first all the radiators were working and getting hot, then in the coming days we noticed certain radiators not working. The heating engineer has...
  18. I

    Direct Unvented hot water Cylinder Question

    Hi There, Wondered if anyone can help me work out how exactly my boiler works and how to use it efficiently to save money after some quite costly bills. I have a Santon Premier Plus Unvented hot water system as well as a slimline Amptec Electroheat boiler (C400) alongside. I'm pretty sure the...
  19. OwainOW

    Another st699 to hive thread

    Hi all, Sorry to add another thread but I’m looking for some help. I have installed a hive v3 water and heating replacing my old st699. This was prompted by removing the old thermostat that I thought wasnt working and doing nothing to find it was infact setting the heat of the house and plunged...
  20. J

    Replacement water heater

    Hi, I have recently moved into a house that has an instantaneous water heater for the bathroom sink. The heater has stopped working so I am now on the lookout for a suitable replacement. The current heater is a Tritan TW10i which I believe is 9.5kwh. As this heater is no longer produced, I am...