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25 Jul 2020
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United Kingdom
we have a combi boiler with a timer that is always on. we then use a wireless thermostat around the house to control when the boiler fires up. if we don't want the heating on, we simply drop the temperature on the thermostat to a point lower than the current room temperature, which ensures the boiler doesn't fire up. my question is probably a simple one - is there any cost saving benefit of setting the timer on the boiler to only be "on" during the hours we want heat? or is it not doing anything anyway if the room thermostat isn't telling it to fire up?

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No, there would be no difference. If you want to look at cost savings, then think of lower flow and return temperatures, weather compensation et al.
It depends on how the two items are wired in relation to each other. Generally both have to be 'on' for the heating to work. Heating your home only when you need to probably will save some energy, although probably not as much as you may think, as the heating will often have to work harder to catch up when the timer switches it on.

Often the thermostat is replaced with a programmable thermostat that allows the single device to operate on both time and temperature parameters

The best way to save money is to insulate as much as possible and keep the heat you have paid for in the house.
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yes, we have a wireless thermostat, and we can see the flame come on the LCD screen when the boiler is firing up (and you can also hear it), so we know when it's on/off. however, i've always wondered if the boiler was doing anything else, like ticking over when idle, even when the wireless thermostat wasn't instructing it to fully pump out heat, and that's why i was considering setting the boiler's own mechanical timer to 'off' when we aren't using it.

if that makes any sense at all?!

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