1. M

    Glow-worm 45-60 B boiler specs and help turning on heating without timer

    Hi, I own a Glow-worm 45/60 B boiler, but I'm unsure whether it's a system or standard boiler. I've looked online, but all I find is information about the space saver version. however, the details on the place card attached to the boiler seem to be somewhat different. Additionally, my analogue...
  2. T

    Replace timer with Hive, only 3 wires

    Hi, I am trying to replace an analog timer with a Hive, but the timer only has 3 wires. every other discussion I have read mentions 4 wires! 1 (timer) to N (hive) 3 to L 4 to ??? Please help! Thanks
  3. G

    Timer socket with remote

    Hi, Looking for a UK 13A timer socket with a remote, is this something that exists? Specifically looking for something that doesn’t rely on the internet to work. Thanks
  4. R

    boiler timer

    we have a combi boiler with a timer that is always on. we then use a wireless thermostat around the house to control when the boiler fires up. if we don't want the heating on, we simply drop the temperature on the thermostat to a point lower than the current room temperature, which ensures the...
  5. G

    Gloworm 30cxi fault

    When my central heating is turned off via the mechanical timer, it still turns on at the times that I had set. I’ve tried turning the radiator temperature to zero, put all the tabs back into the off position and it still comes on twice a day at the times I had set. I thought it was a faulty...
  6. D

    Installing a programmer/timer for an unvented hot water cylinder with dual immersion heaters

    I wasn't sure if this should go in this forum or in the electrical forum but hoping this is the right place. I've got an OSO Direct 20 RD unvented water heater (210 ltrs nominal storage at 2 bars). This is in a 2 bed flat, electricity only. From reading around and looking at the manual I...
  7. S

    Compatible timer with Ideal Logic Max C24 Combi?

    Looking for advise on compatible "plug and play" RF timer thermostat to go with Ideal Logic Max C24 Combi. Not looking for anything fancy as for a rental and obviously price dependent but struggling to find compatible options that don't require wiring in. Not bothered about mobile phone...
  8. Jake_1992


  9. F

    Rangemaster 110 DF Front Facia Wiring

    Hi - does anyone by any chance have a photo of the wiring for a Rangemaster 110 front facia panel, particularly the indicator lights and thermostat area (cooker was bought in 2005)? We've had to replace ours today (fire damage) and I think looking at it the wiring isn't right. There should be...
  10. EcoGirl

    Horstmann Economy 7 Immersion Timer battery problem?

    Hi, Summary: I am looking to buy a replacement battery. Does anyone know where or how to find one? I believe this is the problem. I changed the tank to a thermal store. I left the Horstmann switched off at the mains ie no power to charge the battery, for several years. Apparently they won't...
  11. C

    Center RF thermostat intermittent

    A year ago alongside a new combi boiler we got a new room thermostat/timer, Center RF 340017, which I believe is a rebranded Honeywell. Sometimes when pressing a button on it (e.g. to manually change the temperature), the display switches off and after a few seconds asks to set the time...
  12. M


    I have just replaced the timer which is working fine. There were no connection on the board for the 2 other live wires going to both ovens. Can I just connect them and join them to a permanent live? I really can't afford to buy another unit, an OEM is £133, this one set me back £70.
  13. A

    Run-on timers

    I'm looking to add a separate remote run-on timer to an existing bathroom fan. The fan is rated at 8w/240v. Looking at the Manrose 1351 it mentions minimum load of 20w, so no good. Can anyone recommend a decent run on timer please? Anyone used the RT5A timer? I won't be adding an integrated...
  14. Bellefaster

    Replacing a 34 year old timer on oil fired burner - advice needed

    The title says it all. I've had the same oil burner in the house from when it was built. It's regularly serviced and works brilliantly but it does have an old timer system that I'm desperate to replace. This is the current setup. A 24 hr dial timer with a separate thermostat switch. The...
  15. A

    Simple wifi control for boiler

    Hi, Looking for some advice please. My current set up is as follows : Conventional gas boiler with a flash immersat timer switch, heats the rads and hot water tank. There is one thermostat in hall which will switch off rads when temperature exceeded. I would like to have a wifi timer switch...
  16. Dee_in_London

    Chest Freezer - Adding a Timer for cheaper electricity

    We have a chest freezer in our unheated extension in London, UK. It's a fairly manual freezer - mainly used to store extra food or things on sale that we buy. Our Fridge / Freezer serves as the main freezer in our Kitchen. However we have cheap rate electricity for 10 (Ten) hours every night...
  17. B

    Texecom Premier Elite Timers

    Hi All, I m having a right nightmare with Wintex and setting my night timer. Its simple what i need however whenever i set the times all it does is say Time Arming A......... lots of bleeps over the 10 minute test and then it just unarms and the log shows the set and unset but when i am...
  18. _Theo

    Need manual for Vailant digital timer

    Hi, Is anyone able to send me instructions or a manual on how to set the timer on this boiler? I've looked all over the internet but first and foremost I don't even know what it's called. I think the boiler itself is called an ecomax pro 28 but searching online for that brings up boilers with...
  19. CrazeUK

    Economy 7 Hot water cylinder timer

    Hey Guys. I have economy 7 in my Flat - Which seems to work out very expensive (When i have 3 storage heaters on it is around £6 / £8 a day!). I have 3 Storage Heaters (Lounge, Hallway, Bedroom 1). There are also Panel Heaters in the Lounge, bedroom 2 and 3. The hot water comes from a...
  20. K

    Wiring a central heating boiler timer

    I got a new Immermat flash timer. It 4 terminals: Live in, Neutral in, Live out and Neutral out. There are only 3 wire coming into the timer: brown, black and grey. How do I connect the wires to the terminals.